What are the advantages of the bariatric wheelchair?

When a person’s mobility begins to depend on the use of a wheelchair, choosing the right one takes time and evaluating several characteristics, for example the material it is made of, whether it is to be transported, whether it is for sports or daily use, or whether it is for an overweight person. These are all factors to be taken into account, as not all wheelchairs have the same characteristics.

Considering that wheelchairs are an extension of the body of people who have some type of disability in the lower limbs, these should be comfortable for the user and adapted to their physiognomy. A thin person would not be able to use the same wheelchair as a person who is heavier or obese, because the general rule of these chairs is that the seat should be the same width as the user’s hip or two centimeters more on each side. For this reason, people with overweight should use other types, in these cases special chairs known as bariatric chairs are used.

Bariatric wheelchairs

The term bariatric refers to the medical field that encompasses obesity, both its treatment with the sale of products and equipment for people with weight problems. Anyone with a body mass index greater than 30 is considered obese. Some obese users may also have some disability or mobility problems, in these cases the use of bariatric wheelchairs is required.

A bariatric wheelchair is medical equipment used by people who are disabled but also have problems with obesity. This unique equipment is designed to give more freedom and empowerment to larger users, they usually have all the benefits that conventional wheelchairs have, but have other features that fit larger bodies.

Advantages of bariatric wheelchairs

Mobility is vital to maintaining anyone’s independence, a bariatric wheelchair gives larger users the ability to maintain their autonomy and movement. Users can leave their homes to perform errands or visit loved ones without compromising their safety or relying on a third party to help them. Having the ability to mobilize gives the user greater social interaction, which in turn is vital to maintain their quality of life and mental health.

Allowing full-size users to move around is not the only advantage of bariatric wheelchairs, but the comfort and safety they provide. The bariatric chairs are designed to give large size users a more comfortable experience, this can be achieved thanks to the way they are built, taking into account size and weight.

Another advantage is the material from which the chairs are made, usually it is resistant pvc or reinforced metal, on the other hand, the seat is usually made of heavy vinyl and also have additional reinforcements to give greater support.  They are characterized by being larger than conventional chairs, which contributes to greater comfort and comfort. In many cases, the seat can be tilted to take into account the person’s center of gravity. They can support 700 to 1000 pounds of weight, so you can be sure that the chair will not have any risk of breaking or endangering it.

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