Wheelchairs are equipment designed to assist in the movement of people who have some kind of injury or disease that prevents their movement or that hinders it. For some people it is a technical help that they need all the time to be able to function independently in their daily activities, while for others, it is a tool that they only need for a short time. Whatever the reason, wheelchairs should be user-friendly and tailored to your needs. Wheelchairs were invented many years ago, it is believed that the first was created to help King Philip II of Spain to mobilize, around the year 1595. However, the first patent as such was registered in 1869, with that invention many models have emerged, for example electrical, transport, for the interior or to rise, all with a common purpose, to allow the independence of users with mobility problems or reduced mobility.

Types of Wheelchairs for the Medical Sector

Electric Wheelchair

The electric wheelchair is in principle advisable, for those people who can not propulse themselves. However, they are increasingly chosen for their well-being and comfort, as well as the freedom of movement they offer. These have a motor and a battery that provides energy so that the user or the passenger can carry it without pushing it. Other actions contain a control on the back, or double control so that both the user or the passenger can carry the chair. In some special cases, you can put the knob to the chin. This is especially necessary in cases of very high and very severe quadriplegia, which only allow its use with the head. Some of the most common reasons why the use of an electric wheelchair is needed are due to high spinal injuries, neuromuscular and/or degenerative diseases that prevent movement, older people who lack strength, or people with respiratory or heart disease for whom efforts are not advised.

Children Wheelchair

There is a fairly common belief that if a child uses a wheelchair, especially if the wheelchair has an engine, the child will not want to make the slightest effort to give mobility to the rest of the body, because the comfort of moving in a chair will not make him or her struggle. But almost all children, whether disabled or not, want to walk as long as possible, because they like to explore their environment, even if it’s with help, it gives them more possibilities for exploration. Some children will not be able to walk, and doing their daily activities will be a limitation, so by using a wheelchair will help them feel useful, which is why parents have the responsibility to provide them with a wheelchair and a proper sitting system so that they can develop their independence and maximize their abilities.

En Kalstein encontrará la Silla de Ruedas ideal para el Sector Médico

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which wheelchair to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein we evaluate you to find what you are looking for..

Electric Wheelchair YR05442

Safe low-speed start design to avoid potential safety hazaeds caused by excessive acceleration...

Electric Wheelchair YR05443

Automatically remote control folding/unfolding,walking. Can board. Lightweight folding design, easy to carry...

Electric Wheelchair YR05445

Can board. Lightweight folding design, easy to carry and travel. Intelligent brake. Flip-up armrest. 360º Adjustable push handle...

Sport Wheelchair YR05463

High density aluminium alloy. Corrosion resistance, tensile resistance, impact resistance, load resistance..

Our Best Selling Wheelchair

  • Electromagnetic brake system, carbon steel body, hydraulic adjustment device can be completely lay down, manual electric dual mode system, multi-function remote control operation panel, each function button exists independently, and optional toggle switch can be operated by the wrist.
  • Front and rear shock absorption design, rocker anti-radio interference controller, 700W motor, enlarged and widened front wheel pneumatic tires, equipped with high-quality knee pads, and double-sided lifting armrests.

Catalog of Wheelchairs models on offer


Guides to becoming a Wheelchair Expert

The wheelchair is essential in the medical sector, we provide you with guidelines and recommendations for its best use, so you can work like an expert.

Type of Wheelchair is recommended for seniors?

The problem may begin with sensory impairment—problems with vision or hearing. As a result, mobility problems can arise, even for fear...

How does the climbing Wheelchair work?

Wheelchairs are ultimately intended to allow the user to have more mobility and thus be more independent. When a disabled person faces...

What type of Wheelchair is used for Sports?

Practicing sports does not have to be a limitation for people with disabilities, since, as in the case of wheelchairs for the daily, there are...

Importance of a Wheelchair to Children with spinal muscular atrophy

AME, known as spinal muscular atrophy, is an untreated neurodegenerative disorder that primarily causes death in children under the age...

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