This technique is widely used in Laboratories, especially in molecular biology laboratories, as it is used in important processes such as: separation, analysis and purification of RNA, DNA, or proteins, nucleic acids, this process is carried out because most biomolecules have an electric charge where their magnitude depends on the pH of the medium in which they are found; because of this biomolecules move when they are subjected to an electric field towards the pole of charge opposite to that of the molecule.
How it works is a simple process, separating molecules according to their size and electrical charge, using an electric current to push the molecules through a gel or other matrix, with the pores of the gel acting as a sieve.

Electrophoresis equipment that a Laboratory may require


Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis units have been designed by scientists with the Laboratory environment in mind. Our Horizontal Electrophoresis tanks provide a flexible, easy-to-use platform for all your Horizontal Electrophoresis requirements.

With a wide range of tank and tray sizes, as well as numerous comb options, these systems can handle all kinds of Electrophoresis experiments. Our YR series of horizontal gel units offers the most versatile solution for DNA and RNA agarose gel Electrophoresis on the market today.


Electrophoresis is commonly used in biomedical research to analyze and separate proteins, nucleic acids and other cellular components. It is also used in clinical applications to detect and analyze biomarkers and in the food and pharmaceutical industry for the identification and quantification of chemical compounds.

In this technique, molecules are placed on a gel (e.g. agarose gel or polyacrylamide gel) and applied to an electric current. The molecules move through the gel at different speeds, depending on their charge and size, and separate into distinct bands.


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There are an infinite number of models to choose from, so it's normal to be unsure which Electrophoresis equipement to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them so you can find what you're looking for.



Horizontal Electrophoresis YR03416

YR horizontal gel electrophoresis units have been designed by scientists with the laboratory environment in mind...


Horizontal Electrophoresis YR03422

YR horizontal gel electrophoresis units have been designed by scientists with the laboratory environment in mind...


Vertical Electrophoresis Tank YR03433

Vertical gel electrophoresis is a more complex set-up compared to horizontal gel system. Researchers normally...


Horizontal Electrophoresis YR03420

YR horizontal gel electrophoresis units have been designed by scientists with the laboratory environment in mind...


Our best selling Electrophoresis equipment

Characteristic Feature
  • Abundant buffer not only guarantees cooling effects, but also keeps the pH Value stable during the whole experiment process.
  • Unfolded electrodes make repair and parts replacement easy and quick.
  • With the sample background color design on the tray, convenient to adding the sample.
  • The transparent top lid effectively prevents liquid in the cell from volatilizing and avoids electricity leakage.
  • Auto-switch-off when the lid is removed.

Analysis of the best Electrophoresis equipment for your Laboratory

What is

Electrophoresis is an analytical method in which a controlled electric current is used in order to separate...


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Gel Electrophoresis is used in Laboratories to classify and measure proteins or nucleic acids...


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Gel Electrophoresis is a Laboratory technique used in genetics to separate mixtures containing...


What is two-dimensional Electrophoresis?

In this technique the proteins are separated sequentially by two physical criteria. First, the proteins...


Guidelines for you to become an expert in Electrophoresis Equipment

Electrophoresis equipment is an indispensable part of any Laboratory.
to help you work like an expert.

Electrophoresis and Gel Documentation

Gel Electrophoresis is a widely used technique in life science Laboratories to separate...

How does an Electrophoresis device work?

Electrophoresis is an analytical method in which a controlled electrical current is used...

Electrophoresis of Hemoglobin and Hemoglobinopathie

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Multiple Myeloma and Protein Electrophoresis

Multiple myeloma is a multifocal plasma cell neoplasm that affects the bone marrow and is associated with the production of a serum and urinary monoclonal protein. The cause is a progressive unregulated proliferation of plasma cells that accumulate in the bone marrow. These cells secrete immunoglobulin (Ig) in excess, usually: 57% IgG, 21% IgA, 1% IgD, IgM, IgE, only rarely in 18% of cases of light chains alone.

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