Safety Cabinets

The security offered by storage cabinets means they can protect products and materials of all kinds. They offer much greater capacity, enabling the safe storage of large quantities of documents, valuables or sensitive materials that need to be well protected. Depending on the strength with which they are built, these cabinets can also be referred to as armored cabinets or safes.

To ensure that the contents of the cabinet are well protected, they are generally made from materials that are resistant to all eventualities, and therefore safe refractory materials.

Types of Safety Storage Cabinets a Laboratory may need

12 – 15 Gallon Explosion-proof Cabinet YR05466 // YR05467

Environmental protection spray, strong insulation Three-point linkage, double lock Strong load-bearing, adjustable laminate...


2-4 Gallon Explosion-proof Cabinet YR05464 // YR05465

Environmental protection spray, strong insulation Three-point linkage, double lock Strong load-bearing, adjustable laminate...


22 Gallon Explosion-proof Cabinet YR05468 // YR05468-2

Environmental protection spray, strong insulation Three-point linkage, double lock Strong load-bearing, adjustable laminate...


30 Gallon Explosion-proof Cabinet YR05469 // YR05469-2

Environmental protection spray, strong insulation Three-point linkage, double lock Strong load-bearing, adjustable laminate....


Our best-selling Security Storage Cabinet

The purpose of Security Storage Cabinets, is based on the provision of protection and organization, which they offer. Consequently, the level of functionality they offer is of great value, and they also possess general characteristics, which bring reliability and security, which are :
  • Made from 1 - 1.5 mm thick, cold-formed, electro-galvanized sheet steel. 
  • External finish in acid-resistant epoxy resin, heat-tunneled at 200°C.
  • Cabinet insulated with high-density rock wool and calcium sulfate panels. 
  • Internal finish with melamine panels, highly resistant to chemical and aggressive vapors.

Analysis of the best Safety Storage Cabinets for your Laboratory

What is a
Storage Cabinet?

Safety storage cabinets are used to protect users and, at the same time, store flammable chemicals...


What are the standards for a Safety Cabinet?

A Safety Cabinet is prefabricated equipment specially designed to store hazardous chemicals...


What are the functions of a Safety Storage Cabinet?

The role of Safety Storage Cabinets is to protect and isolate chemical products contained 


Features of safety Storage Cabinets ?

Safety Storage Cabinets are modules designed to protect workers from the pollution ...


Catalog of Security Storage Cabinet models on offer


Guides to becoming an expert in Storage Cabinet

Safety Storage Cabinet equipment is an essential part of any Laboratory.
and recommendations for their best use, so you can work like an expert.

Functions of Safety Storage Cabinets for Cytotoxic products

In any workspace where substances such as cytotoxics and drugs are handled and stored it's important...

Oxygen Pump Safety Cabinets in Intensive Care Units (ICU) 

Storing Oxygen Cylinders precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of patients and people nearby...

Characteristics of Safety Cabinets for the Nuclear Sector - kalstein

Safety cabinets for the nuclear sector are designed to work with radioactive sources and are shielded for the storage..

Importance of Safety Cabinets for the Storage of Water Pollutants

For safety at work, it is mandatory to take the necessary protective measures to ensure the health of employees at work, in which the validity of such measures must be demonstrated, and if necessary, adjust them to changing situations. In addition, efforts should be made to improve safety and environmental protection. The use of chemical storage safety cabinets is very useful for this purpose.

Frequently asked questions about Security Storage Cabinets

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