Features of safety storage cabinets ?

Safety storage cabinets are modules designed to protect workers from the pollution these products carry. Thus, it is important to note that, cabinets must be essential in any type of work, which requires the handling of chemical, or flammable products, especially in laboratories, as they meet the safety requirements and storage capacity they provide. That’s why it’s important to note that the structure or features they possess are fundamental to their use and handling.

Features of safety storage cabinets

The purpose of security storage cabinets, is based on the provision of protection and organization, which they offer. Consequently, the level of functionality they offer is of great value, and they also possess general characteristics, which bring reliability and security, which are :

  • Made from 1 – 1.5 mm thick, cold-bent, electro-galvanized sheet steel.
  • External finish in acid-resistant epoxy resin, heat-tunneled at 200ยฐC.
  • Cabinet insulated with high-density rock wool and calcium sulfate panels.
  • Internal finishing with melamine panels, highly resistant to chemical and aggressive vapors.
  • 30 mm thermo-expanding insulating gaskets, which ensure a perfect seal in the event of a temperature rise.
It should be emphasized that the internal temperature of the cabinet, during the defined period cycle, must not exceed 180ยฐC (50ยฐC in the case of gas) to prevent explosions and protect personnel against any hazardous situation that may arise.

Safety cabinet functions

The main function of a safety cabinet is to protect the modules from unwanted contact with hazardous substances (solid or liquid), in the event of fire, for a defined period of time, and the storage capacity they provide.
Cabinets must be capable of providing the necessary ventilation in the presence of non-hermetically sealed containers, especially those containing volatile substances, mixtures, etc., in order to reduce odours, since the ventilation system must keep the cabinet in a vacuum. Similarly, doors must be fitted with an automatic closing device when the ambient temperature reaches 50ยฐC.
Similarly, the height of the cabinet must not exceed 1.75 meters, and shelves must be of the tray type, to allow for any loss of liquids caused by accidental damage or breakage of containers. The bottom tank must also always be present, to catch any accidental loss of liquids not held by the tray-type shelves, and its capacity must be at least 10% of the volume of all the containers in the cabinet, or at least 110% of the volume of the largest container.
Last but not least, the cabinets are supplied with an earthing system, which must be connected to the electrical installation, to prevent electrostatic discharges.

Kalstein brand safety storage cabinets

At Kalstein, we’re equipped with the most comprehensive technology in formed equipment to meet all our customers’ requirements. We offer you variety, in safety storage cabinets that bring environmental reliability, and offer safety to operators against any accident, and in this case the YR model explosion-proof cabinets, are the ideal, and have very attractive general features, such as; Environmental protection spray, strong insulation. Three-point, double-locking attachment. Adjustable, high-capacity laminate. Electrostatic grounding, safety update. Three colors, each with its own special features. Adjustable, fire-retardant ventilation on both sides of the cabinet body, and are equipped with adjustable valves, which can be rotated to control air volume and reduce the risk of harmful gases accumulating in the cabinet.
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