The refractometer is a tool designed to measure the refractive indices in substances. It is used in the brewing industry to monitor fermentation and measure sugar concentrations in the original extract, using only small amounts of drops as a sample, where the refractive light passes through and avoids measurement errors.

Similarly, it is optical equipment that calculates the specific gravity of the extract, where the sample quantities are collected and recorded in liquids in degrees Brix, where their scale is used for beer producers. Thanks to its design, beer equipment can be used anytime and anywhere and its simple handling makes the refractometer the ideal equipment.

Types of Refractometer that a Laboratory may need

Digital Refractometer

Refractometry is the optical method of determining the speed of propagation of light in a medium/compound/substance/body, which is directly related to the density of this medium/compound/substance/body. To use this principle, the refraction of light is used, (which is a fundamental physical property of any substance), and the measurement scale of this principle is called the refractive index. Refractometers are the instruments that use this principle of refraction. either the refractive one, (using several prisms), or the critical angle one, (using only one prism), and its primary measurement scale is the refractive index, from which the different specific scales are constructed

Optical Refractometer

Refractometers are optical instruments that are used to determine the percentage of soluble solids in a liquid solution. For this, the refractometer makes use of the principle of total refraction of light (caused by the type and concentration of substances dissolved in a liquid solution such as sugar), which takes place in the boundary layer between the prism and the sample. The refractive index of the prism determines the upper limit of the measuring range, since this should always be greater than that of the sample. The refractometer therefore measures the density of liquids, the denser a liquid the greater the refraction.


In Kalstein you can find the Ideal Refractometer for your Laboratory

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Refractometer to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

ATC Car Refractometers YR05916 // YR05930

ATC models are equipped with ยฐC unit system. With the indication of the percentage we may know the freezing point...


ATC Wine Refractometers YR05931 // YR05936

The Wine Refractometer is a metal device that provides you with fast & accurate results. Itโ€™s dual-scale provides you the direct reading...


Digital Brix+Salinity Refractometers YR05961 // YR05965

Digital Brix+Salinity Refractometer is designed to measure the concentration of soluble...


Brix Digital Refractometer YR05944 // YR05952

Digital Brix Refractometer is designed to measure the concentration of soluble solids (almost 100% sugar...


Our best-selling Refractometer

The Honey Refractometers are designed to work with sugar related liquids such as high sugar content, honey, jelly, jam and syrup to help monitor and control sugar concentrations in foods and beverages. Another function is for checking the โ€œripenessโ€ of fruit in the field. It can verify product quality after harvesting and/or controlling concentrations during processing and packaging and it provides critical information to ensure quality of every product.

This models can also be used for controlling the concentration of various industrial fluids such as cutting lubricants and flux rinsing compounds.

  • High quality body construction
  • Uses ambient light only which means battery or power source is not required
  • Easy to focus and calibrate
  • Cushioned with soft & comfortable non-slip rubber

Catalog of models of Refractometer on offer


Guides for you to become an expert in Refractometer

Refractometers are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

The refractometer to measure water salinity  -  kalstein

At present, salinity is usually defined as the concentration (g/L or ppt) of dissolved salts, i.e. is the amount of salt in the water, which does not depend on temperature. It should be noted...

Use of the Refractometer for making beer

The refractometer is a tool designed to measure the refractive indices in substances. It is used in the brewing industry to monitor fermentation and measure sugar concentrations...

How to keep your Refractometer in good condition?

Refractometers are optical instruments that are used to determine the percentage of soluble solids in a liquid solution. For this, the refractometer makes use of the principle...

Use of the Refractometer to determine sweetness in beverages

Refractometers are instruments designed to measure an optical constant called the refractive index, a characteristic of the sample and the particles dissolved in it. This is defined as the relationship between the speed...

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