Laboratory Homogenizers are very useful pieces of equipment, as they enable the homogenization process to be carried out on different types of materials such as tissue, food, plants and other biological or chemical elements. There are various models of laboratory homogenizers on the market today, each with its own specific functions and applications.

The main function of any Homogenizer is to mix an experimental sample with solution or solvent to obtain the solution required for a test or experiment. But homogenizers used in the laboratory are classified differently. Traditional laboratory homogenizers are generally fluidized bed, rotor-stator and ultrasonic homogenizers.


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Electric Ceiling Shaker with Digital Display YR02956

Magnetic stirrers are often used in chemistry and biology. They are preferred over motorized agitator gear driven ones because...


Homogenizer Processor Sonicator YR05837 // YR05839

Digital intelligent ultrasonic disperser is a kind of ultrasonic equipment used in laboratory...


Processor Sonicator for Liquid Processing YR05829 // YR05831

Ultrasonic Processor is a multi-functional and multi-purpose instrument that uses...


Ultrasonic Homogenizer YR05015 // YR05020

Single-chip technology + 4.3-inch TFT capacitive touch screen (optional 7-inch), optional computer communication...


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Ultrasonic processor, also known as ultrasonic disintegrator, ultrasonic homogenizer, ultrasonic cell crusher, ultrasonic nano-material disperser, etc. Is a kind of cavitation effect that uses strong ultrasound to produce cavitation effects in liquids and ultrasonically treat substances.

Main application:
  • Used for crushing animal and plant cells, bacteria, spores or tissues, extracting protein from cells, and conducting scientific culture experiments of viruses and vaccines.
  • Accelerate the reaction speed of chemistry and physics and accelerate the degassing of liquid.
  • Scientific analysis of crude oil dilution, oil-water emulsification, accelerated decrystallization, and glass homogenization.

Analysis of the best Homogenizers for your Laboratory

How do Homogenizers work in the food sector?

Homogenizers are essential equipment in food production, as homogenization has become a standard process...


Why are the samples Homogenized?

The word Homogenize refers to the ability to make a mixture Homogeneous, the latter referring to uniformity...


What are the techniques of Homogenization?

Homogenization is a chemical technique through which components are constantly mixed that are not miscible...


What is a Laboratory Homogenizer?

Homogenization is a chemical process where various insoluble substances are constantly and intensively...


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What technology does the Homogenizer use?

Homogenizers are indispensable in any Laboratory, as homogenization is a technique widely used ...

What are the types of Homogenizers?
- Kalstein

There are many models of Laboratory Homogenizers on the market. Below we will show you different models...

Laboratory Homogenizers and their applications

Laboratory Homogenizers are very useful equipment because they allow to carry out...

What are the advantages of Homogenizers?

The word homogenize refers to uniformity, i.e. the ability to change a mixture from being formed by several phases to being formed by a single phase, i.e. to be uniform or homogeneous. Homogenization is linked to the use of chemicals, which are intended to be mixed until a uniform solution is obtained, through the use of physical means. Homogenization can be applied to a wide variety of samples, such as tissue, food, plants, soil, among others.

Video of our Homogenizer in operation

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Homogenizer in operation

Ultrasonic Homogenizers are very useful tools for mixing and homogenizing solid-liquid and liquid-liquid suspensions. Ultrasonic homogenization reduces particles in a liquid so that they become uniformly small and evenly distributed, through a mechanical process in which particles are reduced in a liquid, with the aim of achieving uniformity in their size and distribution (improving product stability).

These types of Homogenizers are available for Laboratory and industrial use, in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Main applications include biology, chemistry, environmental, analytical and research laboratories. Because this equipment enables the disintegration of biological cells and tissues for the extraction of proteins, DNA and RNA.

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