Fundamental reagents for Hematology studies

Hematology studies are fundamental because of their impact on health and medical advances; this branch of medicine deals with the...
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How to design a functional laboratory with laboratory furniture?

A good, well-designed laboratory is essential to optimize productivity and achieve optimal results; laboratory furniture is necessary for a successful...
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Using Blood Reagents to Compare Health and Clinical Pathology

The use of blood reagents for screening purposes is an important part of the evaluation of a patient's health. These...
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How to calculate the results obtained with a viscometer ?

The viscometer is an instrument used in the petrochemical industry to measure the viscosity of a liquid solution. This information...
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Measuring operating viscosity: the road to success

Operational viscosity measurement is a topic of growing importance in industries around the world. It is a measurement technique that...
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The importance of viscometers for understanding the properties of liquids

The measurement of liquid properties is important for many industries. These measurements can be used to determine consistency, viscosity and...
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Hematological reagents: the essentials you need to know

Hematological reagents are chemical substances used in the diagnosis of different hematological diseases. These reagents are used to detect white...
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Hematology Reagent-Based Diagnosis

Hematology is an area of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of blood-related disorders; hemoglobin, red and white...
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Advanced Hematology Reagents Current Trends

In the field of hematology, advanced hematology, famously known as AH, has achieved considerable influence in the counting of blood...
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The use of laboratory furniture to improve productivity

Laboratory furniture can be a great ally in improving the productivity of researchers. Although many laboratories use a variety of...
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What technical support is available to an owner of an automatic blood chemistry analyser for the lab?

Blood chemistry analysis is an important topic for professional laboratories, where biological components are evaluated to diagnose diseases or identify...
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Encouraging Experimentation without Interference: Climatic Chambers

In the modern era, advances in technology have enabled the rapid evolution of scientific experimentation; in recent years, climate chambers...
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The Irrelevance of Changing Quality in Laboratory Chambers

Over the years, the quality of laboratory chambers has improved significantly; this has led many to believe that laboratory equipment...
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Safety storage cabinets for laboratories: here’s how they should be used

In the laboratory world, safety must always be a priority; an important part of laboratory safety is ensuring the safe...
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The Microwave Digester: A Variety of Usage Approach in Laboratories

Microwave digesters can be incredibly practical machines that ensure fast and efficient sample extraction in laboratories; these machines, known as...
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Use of Moisture Analyzers for the Production of Moisture for Laboratories

Laboratories around the world rely on humidity meters to obtain reliable results for humidity production facilities; these instruments enable operators...
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Moisture Measurement with Precision: Analytical Equipment for Pharmaceutical Industry

The control of moisture is one of the fundamental requirements in the pharmaceutical industry, as it directly affects the shelf...
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Agitators in the center of quality medicine

Laboratory stirrers are the primary equipment in the quality center for best practice in medicine; laboratory stirrers are used to...
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Innovation in Medicine: How Agitators Improve Disease Treatment

Innovation is a vital element to advance the treatment of diseases; in the area of health, innovation aims to develop...
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Can you take advantage of the use of electroscalpel in producing better results

The electroscalpel is a very useful tool for many purposes; this tool is commonly used in human surgeries when greater...
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