Laboratory Incubators are equipment designed to provide a controlled environment in terms of temperature, humidity and sometimes other parameters such as CO2 concentration or air flow, for the growth and culture of living organisms such as bacteria, fungi, animal or plant cells.

This equipment is widely used in various fields of scientific research, such as microbiology, molecular biology and biochemistry, among others, as it enables optimum conditions to be maintained for the growth and study of different micro-organisms and cells.

Types of Incubators a Laboratory may need

Constant Temperature Incubator

Large integrated observation window; fan circulation blast, reduce temperature deviation and fluctuation; adopt magnetic door seal, keep sealing in the box; shelf spacing, quantity adjustable. Suitable for the use of routine constant temperature culture. Use for constant temperature culture in the medical and health, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and agricultural research.

CO2 Incubator

Used for cell, tissue and bacterial cultures, it is the key equipment for essential immunology, oncology, genetics and bioengineering. Widely used in microorganisms, agricultural science, research and drug production. Microcomputer intelligence control, constant temperature with synchronization, overtemperature function; gas distribution type, CO2 recovery time ≤ concentration × 1.2 min. Built-in UV sterilization lamp, tempered glass door, adopts a door heating control system that can effectively prevent freezing on the glass door.


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Bacteria incubator YR02036 // YR02039

For environmental protection, medical, drug testing, health and epidemic prevention, livestock...


Microplate Incubator YR05906

This incubator is designed for microplates, controlled by PID with timer and incubation. Compatible...


Temperature incubator 50 L – 160 L YR02050 // YR02052

Precision LCD display, microcomputer intelligent PID control system; electric film carbon fiber...


Microbiology incubator YR02053 // YR02055

With constant temperature and humidity control function. It is a team based on environmental...


Our best-selling Incubator

  • Microcomputer intelligent PID control technology, to maintain accurate and constant temperature and with timing, also with ultra-high temperature alarm function.
  • Internally equipped with a UV germicidal lamp, which can effectively kill bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma and other microorganisms
  • The unique air circulation, soft wind, to ensure temperature uniformity
  • Gas distribution type, CO2 recovery time ≤ concentration x 1.2Min
  • Adopt door heating control system,which can effectively avoid frost in glass doors.

Analysis of the best Incubators for your Laboratory

What is a Laboratory Incubator? 

The Laboratory Incubator is a piece of equipment used to maintain microbiological and cell cultures..


What is a Humidity

A Humidity Incubator is a Laboratory equipment that, in addition to controlling the temperature ...


Main applications of a CO2 Incubator

A CO2 Incubator is a Laboratory equipment also called a gasification Incubator, where the ...


Why does your lab need our Incubators?

Having a stable contaminant-free environment is a fundamental issue...


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Guides to becoming an Incubators expert


At Kalstein, we are manufacturers of the highest quality Incubators equipment with the best technology on the market.
technology on the market, we've left a few guides to help you find out more about our product...



Do you know the different types of Laboratory Incubator?

Having a stable contaminant-free environment is a fundamental issue in any kind of Laboratory, especially...

Using Constant-Temperature and Humidity Incubators

In order to maintain microbiological cultures or cell cultures, you must have an incubator...

The incubators: an ideal atmosphere
- Kalstein

- Laboratory

The Incubator is a device that uses various means of heat transfer and environmental control...

Incubators, their application in cell and Microbiological cultur

The Incubators are laboratory equipment that is used to maintain and grow microbiological cultures or cell cultures, regulating viable growth factors such as temperature, humidity and ventilation.

Video of our Incubator in operation

In this section you will find our Incubator in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc...

Incubator in operation

A laboratory incubator is a specialized device with the property of maintaining a space with stable controlled conditions, thanks to the regulation of parameters such as temperature, humidity, oxygen and CO2.

  • They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Incubator shelves are usually pierced with small alternating holes to allow air flow.
  • Includes a timer that can be programmed.
  • Easy handling.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.

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