Water Baths, Circulators and Chillers

YR series heated circulation bath provides 100 ℃, 200 ℃ ambient temperature and can be customized to 300 degree constant temperature liquid environment, used for electronic component testing, chemical synthesis temperature control, etc. It is also used to carry out some chemical reactions that occur at high temperature. The preferred water bath in laboratories is a heat source for heating flammable chemicals rather than an open flame to avoid contact.

Types of Water Baths that may need a Laboratory

Cooling and Heating Bath Circulator

A Cooling and Heating Bath and a Circulator are two pieces of equipment used in laboratories and other scientific applications to control and maintain the temperature of liquids and other materials. A Cooling and Heating Bath is equipment that can cool or heat liquids and maintain them at a constant temperature. It consists of a vessel filled with a liquid coolant or heater that circulates through a coil or coil immersed in the bath. The temperature is controlled by a thermostat and can be adjusted to maintain a specific temperature.

Oil Bath

Oil Baths are widely used in bioengineering, medicine, food, chemical industry, gold processing, petroleum and other fields. To provide users with a constant place of high precision, controlled and uniform temperature, is the research institute, colleges and universities, factory laboratory, inspection department, etc.

In Kalstein you will find the ideal Water Baths for your Laboratory

There are an infinite number of models, so it's normal that you don't know which Water Baths to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them so that they find what they are looking for.

Transparent Water Bath YR05080 // YR05082

YR  transparent water bath series is with transparent chamber design, with big improvement on temperature uniformity...

Cooling and heating circulating pump YR05001

YR series cooling and heating circulating pump is the most widely used circulationg pump for chemical reactors...

Viscometer circulating bath YR04985

YR circulation bath is specially used for viscometers, high temperature control accuracy, low fluctuation...

Heating circulating bath YR04977// YR04984

YR series heating circulating bath provide room temperature to 100℃, 200℃, and can be customized 300 degrees of constant...

Our best-selling Water Bath

YR series heating circulating bath provide room temperature to 100℃, 200℃, and can be customized 300 degrees of constant temperature liquid environment, used for electronic component testing, chemical synthesis temperature control, etc.
  • PID Temperature Control
  • Over temperature alarm
  • low water level alarm
  • internal and external circulation optional
  • Tank is made of 304 stainless steel

Analysis of the best Water Baths for your Laboratory

Chillers, a Water Bath and a Circulation Bath

At present there are numerous Laboratory equipment that facilitate the processes carried out in these places, including: chillers...

What is a Laboratory Water Bath??

A Water Bath is Laboratory equipment that is designed with a container filled with hot water. This equipment is used to incubate...

Using Water Baths to Conserve Serologic Tests

Biopreservation is the science of protecting biological samples for future use. Samples may be retained for a variety of reasons...

What is a Recirculation Bath? - Kalstein

A Recirculating Bath is ideal Laboratory equipment for any application that requires the placement of multiple samples...


Guides to becoming a Water Baths expert

Water Baths equipment is an essential product in a Laboratory, we provide you with guides and recommendations for better use, so that you can work like an expert...

Recirculation Baths and Mary’s Baths: What are their differences?

A Recirculation Bath is a Laboratory device, consisting of a Water Bath with a built-in water Recirculation Pump, an ideal...

How does the Transparent Water Bath in the Laboratory work?

The clear Water Bath is a common piece of equipment in many Laboratories. It is used for a variety of tasks...

What are the Recommendations for Using Water Baths

Water Baths are used in a variety of studies and tests, including enzymatic reaction studies, growth observational--

Oil Baths: What is your role in the laboratory?

An Oil Bath is a Thermostatic equipment used in chemical research laboratories to transfer heat indirectly, by thermal convection, to a sample that requires analysis. Thanks to these equipments, the heat transfer is carried out in a uniform way to the sample.

Video of our Water Bath in operation

In this section, you will find our Water Bath in operation, packed, receiving service, etc.

Water Bath in operation

  • Fill the bathroom with the water to be used to maintain the temperature uniformly. Check that, once the vessels to be heated are placed, the level of the water is between 4 and 5 cm from the top edge of the tank.
  • Install control instruments, such as thermometers and stirrers, where necessary.
  • Check the position of the thermometer bulb or temperature probe to ensure that the readings are correct.
  • Check that the water used is very clean.
  • Turn the main switch to the on position.

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