What is a recirculation bath?

A recirculating bath is ideal laboratory equipment for any application that requires the placement of multiple samples in a water bath. They are useful equipment when a constant and reliable temperature is necessary, since they move the liquids while providing the set temperature. For example, in microbiological research, continuous shaking will allow cell cultures growing in the liquid to mix with air.

They are also used to be used together with other laboratory equipment. For example, to maintain the temperature of a water jacket, or for a rotary evaporator. Depending on the requirement, these can only heat the water or also cool it and their temperature range goes from -40 to 200 ° C.

Kalstein recirculation baths cover a wide range of temperatures to meet the needs of your applications. Whether you are cooling analytical instrumentation or running a complex temperature profile, it offers solutions to meet your needs.

Practical tips for using recirculation baths in your laboratory

  • To avoid dangerous chemical reactions, do not use a bath with applications that have explosive or moisture sensitive properties. And never heat a water bath fluid above the flash point. It is essential to avoid the risk of personal injury and damage to the workspace.
  • It is important to regularly check the water level in a water bath. Be sure to use only distilled water so that no salts build up on the heating element. Over time, this can corrode and damage the water bath.
  • Regular use of disinfectants will help inhibit the growth of organisms in the water bath. Regular decontamination prevents the results of research experiments from being discarded by unwanted organisms.
  • Bring the bath temperature to at least 90 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes at least once a week to help decontaminate the water bath as well.
  • For working with chemicals that generate fumes, it is recommended to operate equipment inside a range hood or in a well-ventilated workspace.
  • Keep the water bath lid tightly closed to help prevent evaporation and to help you reach the highest possible temperatures.
  • Make sure the bathroom is installed on a stable surface and that it is located at a good distance from any flammable materials. This is especially important when using a shaking bath.

What are the applications of a recirculation bath?

  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Education: rotary evaporator cooling, tap water cooling replacement, immersion small samples, photometry, chromatography systems
  • Industry: quality control testing, sample preparation, general cooling, reaction chemistry, temperature control, semiconductor manufacturing, rheometry
  • Food: refractometry
  • Life Sciences: Electrophoresis Cooling
  • High temperature cooling: active up to 150 °C.

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