Turbidity Meter

Turbidity meters are commonly used as part of water quality inspection to determine the protection of the water resource, as well as to verify compliance with industry standards or appropriate water quality standards. In addition, turbidity meters are used to investigate possible harmful effects on water, such as oil spills, fertilizers or crop fertilizers. Turbidity in water is a common measure to indicate the amount of particulate matter, such as bacterial plaque, clay, silt, algae, sediment, iron or any other solid substance suspended in the liquid. Turbidity control is essential for water treatment because high levels can indicate an increased amount of unwanted microorganisms, such as organic particles and minerals, and can also have an impact on drinking water quality.

Types of Turbidity Meter that a Laboratory may require

Benchtop turbidity meter YR01842

Multiparameter benchtop turbidity meter with the Total Suspended Solids measurement mode, 2 to 7 points calibration, selectable 4 turbidity units. The meter is suitable for laboratory use...

Portable turbidity meter YR01841

High-performance portable turbidity meter, 2 to 5 points calibration, selectable 4 turbidity units. The meter is suitable for process control and field use....

Our best selling Turbidity Meter

โ€ข High-performance portable turbidity meter meets the design criteria in ISO 7027. โ€ข 2 to 5 points calibration using the Formazin Standards. โ€ข Selectable 4 turbidity units, including the NTU, FNU, EBC and ASBC. โ€ข Single measurement mode automatically senses and locks a stable reading. โ€ข Continuous measurement mode can be used for indexing or matching the sample vials.

Guides to become a Turbidity Meter Expert

The Turbidity Meter equipment are indispensable products in a laboratory, we put at your disposal guides and recommendations for a better use, so that you can work as an expert.

Do you know why a Turbidity Meter is so important?

Turbidity is a measure of cloudiness in liquids caused by suspended solid particles and it is an indicator of water quality. Some treatment...

How is Turbidity measured in Portable Water?

Turbidity in drinking water can be measured using a measuring device known as a turbidity meter. The turbidity meter is an electronic...

The benefits of using a Turbidimeter in the Laboratory

Turbidity measurement is an important method to control and monitor water in wastewater treatment systems, turbidimeters have...

The different types of Turbidimeters available for Laboratory use

A turbidimeter is a device used in the laboratory to measure turbidity; its function is to evaluate the amount of particles suspended in a liquid, essentially measuring the amount of light that...

Videos of Turbidity Meter in Operation

In this section you can find our Turbidity Meter in operation, packaged, being serviced, etc.

Turbidity Meter in Operation

Turbidity is an important factor in determining the quality of water in its potabilization, the more transparent the purer (higher quality); conversely, the more turbid the water, the more contamination or mixture of water with another type of component (low quality). The solids and particles suspended in water are possible carriers of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Therefore, water turbidity control is required to avoid the spread of infectious diseases. That is why turbidity meters are applied in water treatment and purification plants. They also have applications in the chemical industry, in wastewater control, and in power generation.

Frequently asked questions from our customers about Turbidity Meters

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