The Centrifuge is an essential piece of equipment in any Laboratory. This equipment generates rotational movements to separate the components that make up a solution. This instrument applies a sustained centrifugal force to push the material away from the center of rotation. The basic components of a centrifuge are: rotor, motor, vacuum chamber, and control of speed, time and temperature.
Centrifugation is a technique governed by Stokes' law, which proposes that particles settle more easily when they are large in diameter and specific weight, and when their viscosity is lower.

Types of Centrifuges a Laboratory may need

Non-Refrigerated Centrifuges

  • Microcomputer control, electronic lock and AC conversion motor for high torque, stable operation, low noise and high-speed precision.
  • Touch-sensitive panel, programmable operation, operation data can be configured according to requirements and are stored automatically.
  • LED or LCD display. User-friendly interface, simple and convenient operation.
  • Real-time conversation between SpeedTable and RCF is convenient for operation.
  • Self-locking device, cover safety device, over-speed safety device, over-temperature safety device.

Refrigerated Centrifuges

  • Maximum speed is 21,000 rpm and maximum speed is 50,400 g.
  • It has microcomputer control, electronic lock and AC variable conversion motor delivering high torque.
  • Imported compressor unit with CFC-free refrigerant. It meets environmental standards.
  • The machine is programmable. Operation data can be stored automatically.
  • LCD or LED display and touchpad facilitate operation.
  • Real-time conversation between SpeedTable and RCF is convenient for operation.

At Kalstein you can find the ideal Centrifuges for your Laboratory

There are an infinite number of models out there, so it's only natural that you won't know which Centrifuges to buy to suit your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them so you can find what you're looking for.



High-speed Centrifuge Table YR127

High-speed centrifuge is a routine laboratory centrifuge, widely used in research, education...


High-speed refrigerated centrifuge YR0113

In this case, we present two models: YR0113 and YR0112. Both models are centrifuges used...


Centrifuge PRP YR469-1 with LCD screen

The maximum RCF of this PRP centrifuge is 2200 g and its maximum speed is 4000 rpm...



L’instrument de centrifugeuse est spécialisé dans la fabrication de centrifugeuses avec...


Our best-selling Centrifuge

Technical presentation
  • This multipurpose centrifuge has advanced and intelligent technology.
  • Control by microcomputer, large LCD touch screen.
  • Automatic Rotor Recognition.
  • It has 9 acceleration level and deceleration level files for your choice.
  • The new electronic lock guarantees the security rotation. It has speed speed safety device, excess temperature safety device and automatic alarm device.
  • Pre-programmed option and memory storage function.
  • Silastic sealed ring comfort according to GMP. Certified by the US FDA UU

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Guides to becoming a Centrifuge expert

Centrifuge equipment is an essential part of any Laboratory, and we've put at your disposal
guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work like an expert.

How to handle a Refrigerated Centrifuge?

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Function of the Refrigerated Centrifuges?

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Importance to have a High Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge

One of the most important processes in any kind of laboratory is the separation of particles. That is why centrifuges come in handy, to perform this important procedure in order to accomplish the desired results. Is there another device that can pull off this task? We hardly think so. Centrifuges are the devices you must have if you need to perform rapid spinning force to separate mixture contents with different densities.

Video of ours Centrifuges in operation

In this section, you'll find ours Centrifuges in operation, packed, receiving service, etc...

Centrifuges in operation

Some centrifuges can be used for a wide variety of applications, while others are used only for very specific purposes. Different types of centrifuge are suited to different types of centrifugation: preparatory centrifugation, which aims to isolate specific particles, and analytical centrifugation, which estimates physical properties such as sedimentation rate or molecular weight. Centrifuges can thus be divided into two main groups:
  • Analytical: to obtain molecular data such as molecular weight and sedimentation coefficient. They are very expensive and rare.
  • Preparatory: Samples are isolated and purified. There are four types: Tabletop, High Capacity, High Speed and Ultracentrifuges.

Frequently asked questions about Centrifuges

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