Optical microscopes are an essential tool in many branches of science, from medicine, biology, biochemistry, to molecular research. These devices are used to examine microscopic objects using visible light, and their main component is the built-in optical lens. The lenses serve the function of concentrating and focusing the light to allow optimal viewing of the observed objects.

In addition, lenses are used to increase the resolution of microscopes, allowing much smaller details to be seen than is possible with the naked eye. In this way, lenses are the architects of producing changes in the direction of propagation of the light beam in a predictable manner, according to the laws of optics. There are two main types of optical lenses used in microscopes: flat lenses and cylindrical lenses.

Types of Microscopes a Laboratory May Need

Manual Halogen Laboratory Microscope YR0266A // YR0266C

Series Microscope Intelligent revolutionary products, Operating comfort...


Multivision binocular microscope YR0232 // YR0235

Modular multi-viewing systems offer exceptional image quality for each viewer thanks to their precision...


Polarizing Microscope YR0262 โ€“ YR0263

Round Stage Dia.170mm Center Adjustable,Analyizer Unit With Bertrand Lens, ฮป Slip, 1/4ฮป Slip, Quartz Wedge...


Zoom Stereo Microscope YR0246 // YR0248

Large Zoom Ratio Up to 1:10 With Tilting Head 0ยฐ-35ยฐ Viewing Angle Adjustable for User,Transmit & Reflect LED...


Our Best Selling Microscopes

  • 10.5โ€ณLCD Touch Screen Pad, With Android System + Measuring Software
  • High Eyepoint Wide Field Eyepiece WF10x/20mm Dia.30mm
  • Achromatic HC 4x,10x,40x100x Objective, Upgradeable To Infinity
  • Double Layer Mechanical Stage 143*132mm, Upgradeable To 216x150mm
  • 3W LED Kohler Illumination With Removable Light House For Easy Maintainence

Catalog of Microscopes models on offer


Guides to Becoming a Microscope Expert

Microscopic equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Detecting HIV with a microscope?

HIV, which means โ€˜human immunodeficiency virusโ€™, is a virus that attacks and damages the immune system by causing...

What is a dark field microscope?

Darkfield microscopy is a type of optical microscope used in certain types of laboratories. It has the same characteristics...

What is a composite microscope?

The greatest advance in the scientific world came with the arrival of the optical microscope, which is nothing more than...

Importance of the microscope for detecting cervical cancer

Cervical cancer, cervical cancer or cervical cancer are among the leading causes of cancer death in women worldwide. It is a type of cancer caused in most cases by the human papillomavirus (HPV). This is an injury where malignant cells are...

Working Microscope Videos

In this section you can find, our Microscopes in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc.

Working Microscope

The microscope is a piece of equipment that has been evolving day by day thanks to advances in its optical, electronic and mechanical components. Knowledge of the fundamental structure of a microscope and its component parts, as well as its function, will help the user in its interrelation with the microscopic equipment to make the right decisions about the necessary care of it.

The light microscope is an optical device used to magnify and resolve fine details of a microscopic object. It is composed of different parts: mechanical, optical and illumination.

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