Anaesthesia Machines

The Anesthesia Machine is a hospital equipment essentially used for general, regional and intravenous sedation and resuscitation, its mechanism is based on a mechanical ventilator, a breathing system, suction devices and patient monitoring instruments, through medicinal gases mixed with a concise concentration of anesthetic vapor, continuously at an appropriate pressure and flow rate. Typically, the Anesthesia Machine consists of five main mechanisms, made up of elements and systems with their respective safety requirements, they are: gas supply, flowmeters, vaporizers, patient circuit which includes the mechanical ventilator and associated patient monitoring.

Types of Anesthesia Machines for the Medical Sector

Anesthesia Machines YR02064-YR02069

Anesthesia machine has integrated all major ventilation modes such as assist, control and assist-control ventilation. It offers...

Anesthesia Machines YR02197 // YR02062 // YR02063

Anesthesia machine provides an affordable and flexible anesthesia solution for now and the future. Our customers...

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Technical Description
  • Anesthesia machine offers a high-precision output as low as 20ml.
  • It has automatic tidal volume and compliance compensation.
  • The anesthesia machine offers spontaneous and manual respiratory MV monitoring function.
  • It has electronic PEEP function.
  • The anesthesia delivery workstation uses autoclavable and latex free components.
  • Users can benefit from the tool-free maintenance and cleaning of this equipment.
  • The anesthesia machine is CE compliant, so clients can feel secure in purchasing it.

Analysis of the best Anesthesia Machines for the Medical Sector

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Guides to becoming an Anesthesia Machine expert

Anesthesia Machine equipment is an indispensable product in the Medical Sector. to help you work like an expert.

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Anesthesia Machine: Different types

Anesthesia Machines are specialized medical equipment used to administer an anesthetic agent to a patient during a surgical process. This gas, or anesthetic agent, promotes inhibition of skeletal muscle function. This equipment is a mixture of electrical, mechanical and pneumatic components, and incorporates all the components needed to perform general anesthesia, including vaporizers, ventilators, a respiratory system, monitors and scanning systems.

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