What are the functions of a safety cabinet?

The role of safety storage cabinets is to protect and isolate chemical products contained in hazardous areas, to prevent damage to the environment, and to store hazardous substances. Consequently, it is important to follow the storage rules, which are generally present in the labeling of these products, while being versatile according to the hazardousness of each. In addition, volatile liquids must be stored in cabinets located in areas with the correct air flow, to avoid explosions due to the accumulation of vapors, and these special cabinets must be equipped with current systems allowing the extraction of accumulated gases and vapors.

Fire-fighting functions using safety storage cabinets

Fire protection in the workplace is of vital importance, both for companies and for workers. Staying in contact with high-risk areas is dangerous, and being able to work safely enhances employees’ peace of mind and the productivity of a hazard-free environment.
However, it is inevitable that accidents will occur in companies working with flammable components during any hazardous activity. That’s why it’s a good idea to use safety storage cabinets, to keep chemicals away from contact with people and the environment.

Here, good company organization comes into play, taking into account the following aspects, which obviously include the use of safety storage cabinets.

  • To protect any flammable product in secure storage facilities, it’s important to know the area in which each activity takes place, and whether there is a real risk of fire, so that you can prevent it.
  • Detecting the elements likely to cause fires and defining precisely where the risk lies (in a flammable chemical product, for example) saves time and makes the area safer.
  • Choosing the best fire-fighting equipment, using safety cabinets to store any volatile substances.
A periodic examination of the cabinets and the areas where they are located is essential to approve the good condition of the installations and the cabinets themselves. Particular attention must be paid to gas leakage, deterioration of identification labels, presence of defects, rust and leaks in containers and safety cabinets.

Safety features for storage cabinet location

Safety storage cabinets are used to keep chemical and volatile substances isolated and together functional for worker safety, so it’s important to implement appropriate zones in their location. Accordingly, the following elements must be taken into account:

  • Place of installation: They must be located in a free area around the cabinet, to allow access for opening the doors and the necessary space for the user. Appropriate room ventilation is also required (especially for cabinets without ventilation systems).
  • Ventilation: Connect ventilation systems to allow gases to escape and avoid flammable pollutant erosion.
  • Supporting surface: We recommend that safety storage cabinets be mounted on a stable, solid, non-flammable base.
  • Lighting: It is suggested that cabinets be placed in well-lit areas for safe use.
  • Power supplies: Connect cabinets to suitably earthed power supplies.

All this to ensure total safety when installing the cabinets, and to avoid irreparable damage.

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