Functions of safety storage cabinets for cytotoxic products

In any workspace where substances such as cytotoxics and drugs are handled and stored, it’s important to have good safety furniture to protect them at all times. Storage cabinets ensure that the contents are protected from any danger or accident, as working with liquids and delicate substances is even more so.
On the other hand, it’s not necessary to have a shielded room to protect the contents of your containers, but it is important to classify your contents by level of dangerousness, and to choose the safety cabinet that best corresponds to the quantity of substance you need to store. This is why, when correctly using safety storage cabinets for cytotoxic products, you need to take into account the basic functions for protecting these chemicals and avoiding storage risks.

Cabinet safety mechanisms

The high risk of cytotoxic products makes this standard a benchmark in this field, since, together with the functional capabilities provided by the storage units, it will make it possible to establish separations between incompatible substances to isolate and confine certain carcinogenic products and high-risk substances.
The main points of this rule are as follows:

  • Automatic door closing :
  • Minimum holdback
  • Cupboard ventilation
  • Fire protection
In the event of fire, the safety cabinet must ensure, for at least 15 minutes, that the products it contains do not increase the risk or spread the fire. The mechanism of safety doors and display cabinets must be self-closing from any position. Similarly, the cabinet must be fitted with a bottom-mounted drip tray to catch liquids spilled from all shelves.
Safety cabinets must be fitted with air inlet and outlet holes, enabling them to be connected to an air extraction system.

Recommendations for use

In order to dispose of only those products that need to be used in the workplace, order and cleaning procedures must be put in place with the use of safety storage cabinets, so that emergency planning, training and informing workers about the risks of storing cytotoxic products, how to prevent them and how to protect themselves, are the main safety measures to be observed to avoid accidents due to drug residues and any material that has been in contact with them, which present carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic risks.
It should be emphasized that cytotoxic compounds are high-risk electrolytes which can cause serious damage, even death, if used incorrectly.
The following guidelines should therefore be observed:

  • Cytotoxic products must be stored under lock and key, accessible only to authorized personnel.
  • Inflexible stock control is essential.
  • Contain in a double container that prevents dispersal or spillage (the double system should be a transparent plastic bag inside the container, so that any spillage can be easily controlled).
  • They must be stored separately.
  • Store in small quantities and contain stabilizers.
  • Keep away from acids and bases.
Therefore, proper handling, taking into account the risks associated with the incorrect storage of carcinogenic products, can lead to irreversible damage.

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