When should a Roller Mixer, Magnetic Stirrer and Vortex Stirrer be used in a Laboratory?

Firstly, it is common for both mixers and agitators to be confused, but they have similar functions, which can be differentiated in some respects. In this case, mixers can be applied both in large industries and in small laboratories, for mixing substances, and the roller mixer, is recognized by the smooth balance effective when splicing two or more substances. These may be small kits, when your goal is to mix blood samples in a laboratory, or even different solutions, solvents and solutes in a chemistry laboratory.

In the case of agitators, they are applied in chemistry and biology laboratories fulfilling a great role, and their main function is to shake test tubes and liquid containers is their specialty; facilitating the mixing of substances in them. These devices have a wide range of applications. They are ideal for blood samples, liquid and viscous suspension samples, and are suitable for the prevention of blood clotting, immunoprecipitation and other similar applications. Widely used in molecular hybridization, blood and other samples to be mixed.

Basic Functions of Roller Mixer and Laboratory Shakers

A roller mixer is a type of automatic stirrer used in the laboratory to join certain samples in a light and homogeneous way, using a gentle rocking and rotating movement of the rollers, on which the tube is positioned with the sample. This equipment offers movements between 20 and 100 revolutions per minute, depending on which model is being used. They are able to mix thick solutions, and produce liquid-solid suspensions, achieving a subtle ventilation, which makes the mixing process much easier.

On the other hand, stirrers have an applicable resolution controller for greater control. In the case of vortex, they almost perfectly copy the beginning of the movement. It is used for blood tests, as well as cell cultures and microbiology studies.

Applications of Mixers and Shakers

With regard to stirrers, they are used in the chemistry area, usually they are the reagents that are submitted to this stirrer; which later will be used in other reactions. Shaking test tubes and liquid containers is his specialty, as it facilitates the mixing of substances in them. Some stirrers have an adjustable speed controller for greater control. To get a better idea of the movement made by this device, vortex generators almost perfectly copy the beginning of the movement.

The use of vortex is very common in biology laboratories, where cell cultures are performed and used to suspend cells in microbiology. Also, it is widely used in biochemistry laboratories, to mix reagents from a test tube or experimental samples.

Likewise, the roller mixers rotate in a horizontal plane and the tubes, suitably closed, are placed on the rollers and the liquid slides on their walls, the same are applied in hematology laboratories, with blood and anticoagulant samples.

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