How does the climbing wheelchair work?

Every society must guarantee its citizens fair living conditions, this of course includes people with physical disabilities, who often find a challenge in modern architecture. In recent years, however, societies have become more sensitive to this issue and more disability-friendly technologies have emerged.

Mobility is generally the most common problem among people with disabilities, and it has been reduced by the invention of the wheelchair in 1783 and now by the introduction of electric wheelchairs. Still, such equipment is rendered useless when faced with architectural barriers, such as climbing stairs, which is why climbing electric wheelchairs are an excellent choice.

Climbing wheelchair

A wheelchair, as the name implies, is a wheelchair provided, which is used when it is difficult or impossible to walk due to disability, illness or old age. Wheelchairs come in a wide range of formats and accessories, in order to meet the user’s needs.  For example, they can have adaptations for seats, remote control or have specific uses, such as wheelchairs for beach and sports.

Wheelchairs are ultimately intended to allow the user to have more mobility and thus be more independent. When a disabled person faces modern architectural structures, such as stairs, their mobility can be impaired if they do not have a specific wheelchair to deal with it, this is where climbing wheelchairs come in.

They are known as climbing wheelchairs, a type of wheelchair designed to help people with mobility problems climb stairs, without the need for help or with very little help. This gives them independence where there are no wheelchair access ramps. The basic operation of these devices is based on a seat, a lifting mechanism, a power source and manually operated controls. All climbing wheelchairs require an electrical system to operate and lift the user up the stairs.

Wheelchair climbing operation

Wheelchairs play a key role in the lives of people with motor disabilities. Common wheelchairs can access many places, however, stairs represent an obstacle that is usually difficult to overcome without assistance, without a climbing wheelchair, which has a specific mechanism that allows it to fulfill this important function.

These chairs have two large wheels, which are the main ones and serve to travel flat ground, like any other common wheelchair. In addition, it has two rubber chains that have the ability to extend at the angle of the stairs, this allows the wheelchair to always be in an upright position while, thanks to the electric drive of the engine, climbs the stairs.

Rubber chains are the most important part of climbing wheelchairs, they make the whole system safe, even if the stairs are not perfect. They have a big footprint and they are very soft, so it doesn’t feel like climbing stairs, it’s like climbing a ramp. Despite its softness, its system is very safe and there is no danger of slipping. All you have to do is turn on the ladder mode and the wheelchair will do its job.

Wheelchair climbing brand Kalstein

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