Why are security storage cabinets important in a laboratory?

In laboratories, reagents and substances are found that must be stored correctly, to avoid any type of accidents and protect the lives of workers. Therefore, the use of security storage cabinets is part of the ideal furniture within the space.

It should be noted that all the chemical substances that are stored in a laboratory require an order and protection, in this case, it is the storage cabinets, which are responsible for offering it. This prevents the loss of consequences towards the deterioration of the physical material, improving work and efficiency in expenses.

Security Practice

 The implementation of the security cabinets in the laboratories provides storage systems of each element, for a better range and less waste of time. 

In this way, the storage areas must be kept in order and in good condition, so the articles must be protected to the maximum, from harmful external influences, such as dust, toxic gasses, water, etc. 

In this sense, it is advisable to store taking into account the following considerations: 

  • All spaces must be accessible, only to authorized personnel to ensure security and privacy; therefore, security cabinets must be locked.
  • Samples must be clearly identified and stored correctly, separating reagents from supplies.
  • Properly store the existence of materials within the closet spaces, so that it is in this way, the staff within the laboratories, have total control, order and easy access.

For this reason, storage within the security cabinets must be done logically, with coding systems for easy access, providing up-to-date overview of the materials present in the area. 

Procedures to Reduce Risks

 The activities within the laboratories demand not only a balanced objective and an accurate assessment of the risk, but also the adoption of adequate instructions for the reduction of the danger in defense of the health and safety of people. 

The contributions provided by the security storage cabinets, within the laboratory, it is necessary to adopt fundamental principles: 

  • Execute a preliminary assessment: Evaluation of the possible danger associated with the analytical method before applying it. 
  • Reduce exposure to chemicals: Avoid contact with toxic substances and as far as possible reduce the duration and exposure of agents inside cabinets.
  • Do not minimize the possible risks: Do not underestimate the content of the substances, so that you must work with the same care. 
  • Be ready in case of an accident: It is necessary to know the location of the safety systems. 

As a consequence, it is important to establish emergency procedures to follow in case of accidental diffusions of the product, therefore, leaving available in the area of the security storage cabinets, is the tool that complies with all security measures. Apply well to the view to each safety cabinet, the necessary warning signs (e.g. flammable materials) and prohibition (e.g. prohibited free flames).

Explosion Proof Cabinets Kalstein brand

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