What are the Functions of a Security Storage Cabinet?

The function of the safety storage cabinets, comply with the protection and isolation of chemical products that are contained in risk areas, to avoid mishaps in the environment, and are intended to store hazardous substances.

According to this, it is important to follow the storage rules, which are commonly found in the labeling of these products, being versatile depending on the danger of each one

In addition, volatile liquids must be kept in cabinets that are located in areas with a correct air flow, to avoid explosions, due to the accumulation of vapors, and these special furniture must have current systems that allow the extraction of accumulated gasses and vapors. 

Fire functions with the use of Security Storage Cabinets

 The protection against fires in companies is of vital importance, both to companies and workers. Staying in front of high-risk areas is dangerous, and being able to work safely increases the peace of mind of employees and the productivity of a hazard-free environment.

Despite this, during any dangerous activity it is inevitable that accidents arise in companies that work with flammable components. Therefore, it is convenient to use security storage cabinets, to keep chemicals away from any contact with people and the environment.

Here comes into play, a good organization of the company, taking into account the following aspects, among which obviously includes the use of security storage cabinets.

  • Protect any flammable product in secure storage devices, so it is important to know the space in which each activity takes place and know if there is a real risk of fire in order to prevent it.
  • Detecting the elements that can generate fires and defining specifically where the risk is (in a flammable chemical, for example), helps to save time and better secure the area.
  • Choosing the best fire fighting equipment, using safety cabinets to store all volatile substances.

It is essential, a periodic review of the cabinets and the areas where they are located, to approve the good condition of the facilities and the cabinets themselves. They must provide special attention to the possible leakage of gasses, deterioration of identification labels, presence of damage, rust leaks in the containers and security cabinets.

Security Elements for location of Storage Cabinets

Safety storage cabinets are used to keep chemical and volatile substances isolated, together they are functional for the safety of workers, so it is important to implement appropriate areas in your location. According to this, the following elements must be taken into account:

  • Place of Placement: They must be located in a free area, around the closet, to access the opening of the doors and the necessary action space for the user. In addition, adequate ventilation of the premises (especially for cabinets without a ventilation system).
  • Ventilation: Connect the ventilation systems, to allow the exits of the gasses and avoid flammable contaminant erosions.
  • Support Plan: it is advisable to fix the security storage cabinets on a stable, solid and non-flammable base. 
  • Lighting: It is suggested to place the cabinets in illuminated areas for safe use.
  • Power Supplies: Connect the cabinets in current sources with a suitable grounding.

All this, in order to maintain total security with the implementation of the cabinets, and avoid irreparable damage. 

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