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What types of drug chambers are used in the pharmaceutical industry?

Medical storage chambers are medical equipment with technological levels, capable of guaranteeing the storage and refrigeration conditions and/or optimal conservation of products, both in pharmacies and hospitals. 

By controlling the temperatures offered by the cameras, they are able to clearly determine the storage condition that needs to be maintained for each type of medicine. 

That is why, depending on the temperature range that is needed, it is important to offer controlled environments, controlled refrigeration and freezing, leading to the types of drug chambers used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Types of Chambers for Drug Conservation

 It is necessary to conceptualize the types of chambers capable of complying with the conservation of medicines, which are:

  • Climate Chamber Stability: Also called constant weather chambers, are responsible for providing the desired temperature and humidity. Optimum storage maintenance is achieved by storing the product for 12 months at 25°C +/- 2°C in temperature and 60% +/- 5% of relative humidity.
  • Test Chamber: Also called testing climate cameras, they are cameras capable of reproducing conditions and climate changes in extreme occasions. The duration of such tests will vary depending on the purpose of the test.
  • Refrigerator Chamber: they are used to store a wide variety of medicines, vaccines, blood, medicines, reagents and biological products. uses fully automated microcomputer electrical control technology for automatic monitoring, recording and control of storage temperature and humidity. For storage of medical supplies, temperature requirements for cold storage of medicines will usually be constant temperature of 2~8°C;Low temperature
    storage: -18 ~ -30°C.

The main objective of the chambers of medicines is the stability study to obtain information of products in process and finished, documenting the changes that they present in terms of their microbiological characteristics, assets, packaging and in this way analyze them.

Importance of Chambers of Medicines

Chambers in the pharmaceutical industry are important to apply in all sectors and to be able to evaluate the behavior of materials, components and equipment in climatic conditions, where they will be used habitually or subject to extreme or adverse climatic conditions that can alter their reliability, behavior or physical and structural integrity.

This type of cameras will usually have faster thermal gradients, to effect the temperature changes of the most demanding cyclic tests, and can also be combined with other conditions such as radiation for studies of accelerated aging rain or dust for tests of envelopes and to check the degree of thermal protection or other simply for research.

Trial Chamber of Integral of Drugs brand Kalstein

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