Elisa washing machine for detecting human lymphotropic virus infection

The micro-plate washer is a piece of equipment designed to carry out processes for cleaning the plates used in the practice of Elisa, by processes of infusion and aspiration of the substances or showing that they are incorporated into the polyethylene support. It has reservoirs containing the liquids, with one holding a washing pad and the other collecting the substances that are thrown away.

In the study laboratories, the microplate washer is part of the research process, although it does not detect the disease, it is the complement of the microplate reader and allows the detection of different diseases by giving guaranteed results. And Kalstein has the team responsible for responding to the washing cycles for the different practices that are done at the medical and research level.

Microplate Scrubber as a Research Tool

Human lymphotropic virus is a disease that causes disorders such as chronic myelopathy characterized by a clinical picture of spastic paraparesis, causing leukemia and cellular lymphoma in patients. The disease is caused by transmitters immigrating from endemic areas and from indigenous populations who have sex with them. The period of development can range from years to decades, and transfer occurs through sexual contact, blood supply, sharing of needles and mother-to-child sharing through breast milk. It is classified as an oncovirus because of its pathogenicity.

To diagnose the presence of infection with the Human Lymphotropic Virus, the Elisa reader is used for the serological screening of this disease, and the determined antigens are absorbed in a polyethylene plate where they are prepared with the test sera.

Therefore, the micro-plate washer plays an essential role in these tests, as it keeps the plates clean through injection, suction and suction washing cycles automatically using the pad to remove any elements that failed to join to avoid incorrect results.

Microplate Washing Machine (Elisa) brand Kalstein

It is important to have the right equipment for microbiology laboratories, and the Microplate Scrubber (Elisa) is all part of this. This equipment ensures consistency and efficiency during all washing processes. At Kalstein, we manufacture such equipment, which belongs to the YR series, and have attractive features, such as: 1-12 washing mode, row and selectable range. Tempering time from 0 to 99 seconds in an adjustable manner. Adjustable vibration time. Large LCD screen. In addition to 2 channels including water. Residual volume of <1 µL per well. Precision assay Cv <2%. Cleaning head location set to 5 slots and power supply 220 110 VAC ± 10%, 50 60Hz 100W. Automatic waste and distilled water liquid warning.

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