What Technology Does Baby Scale Use?

Baby scales are ideal weighing units to measure the mass of the infant, it has digital technology for accurate measurement, and is reflected in numbers through an LCD screen. Such units are usually used on a medical and personal level, where the primary goal is the exact weight and measurement of the baby.

Also, weight control during the first months of life of the baby is very important, since it allows to evaluate the infant’s feeding and growth, and for this, nothing better than using the correct baby scales, taking into account the safety and ergonomics benefiting the ideal position of the child. In this sense, the baby scales offered by Kalstein comply with the appropriate measures, providing simplicity, accuracy and accuracy. It also has a capacity of up to 20kg. If the scale does not work properly, it is advisable to contact the qualified service personnel in calibration and take into account if the scale has any indication of damage, the conditions of the adapter.

Baby Balance Capacity

Among the functions that baby scales fulfill, there is no doubt that there is a need to emphasize several aspects of safety. Therefore, baby scales must be anatomical to meet the correct position of the baby, helping both the head and its joints are in a correct and nothing harmful position when weighing it, preventing it from moving from the balance and falling.

Also, the accuracy that it must provide has to do with taking measurements of the weight of the baby, although it is in movement and cause confusion, especially in those ages where it is necessary to carefully control the subject of weight continuously and regularly.  On the other hand, the material with which these baby scales are made is ABS type (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a material resistant to any type of impact, which makes it suitable for these weighing units. It’s comfortable and non-toxic.

Similarly, the baby’s scale is calibrated from the factory and its function starts from the moment the equipment is turned on, by means of the adapter, its batteries and placing it on a level table that does not interrupt the weighing process. The proper care and maintenance to give it useful life, and ensure an accurate and effective practice, it is recommended that the operator disconnect the balance from the current source, clean the entire surface with a damp and clean towel. Do not immerse the equipment in water or harsh chemicals.

Technology that uses the Baby Balance

For parents, having equipment that is highly designed and capable of providing security for the care of the baby is a responsibility that generates a lot of concern. In this case, the baby scales are equipment that has been used for many years, but currently thanks to technological innovation, our scales have a load cell with a voltage meter, is a strong and flexible metal element capable of converting the force exerted by the load cell into an electronic signal.

Thanks to this device, it allows the load to reflect the weight measurement and return to its original load after use, so that weighing controls are safer; it also has a tare function, which is the one that measures the baby properly, and even if a blanket is used to not place it directly on the cold surface. It has a memory expressed in kilogram (kg), and allows the control and evolution of the baby. It is also ergonomic and compact, highlighting the precision of weighing.

Kalstein Brand Baby Scale

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