Use of Ultrasonic Cleaner for Mining Equipment Maintenance

The Ultrasonic Cleaner is a device designed to clean all types of parts and amplifies their productive content, without damaging or leaving traces of dirt in any of the possible cavities. This means of cleaning, acts by longitudinal frequencies produced in the liquid in which the pieces are immersed.

It acts by voltage pulses and breaks the mechanical and ionic bonds of all particles lodged in the surface of the submerged parts, ensuring the removal of dirt lodged in the parts, and even in places with difficult access.

In this case, for the cleaning of mining equipment, it takes advantage of the known effect in fluid mechanics such as cavitation. In addition, it adapts to the geometric surfaces of the device, regardless of their size and complexity, to be processed effectively.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Functions

The ultrasonic system, certifies an optimum cleaning of all the ends of the difficult to access spaces within its own design. The mechanical system, subject and in resonance, is mounted in a container with liquid, which by using a high strength, causes vibration in the liquid.

Consequently, thanks to the working frequency and density of the liquid, continuous depressions and overpressures are formed, which appear and disappear in a matter of microseconds in all the liquid, causing a microbrushing that acts around any element that is introduced. This effect is the cavitation and separates the dirt from the surface of the submerged parts, to the points of more difficult access.

It should be noted that cleaning cycles are automated, thus achieving maximum efficiency, being repetitive and traceable. Particles that do not dissolve are lifted and removed without difficulty. The cleaning time is very short, although it will always depend on the quantification and qualification of dirt to clean.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Cleaning systems are state-of-the-art equipment, save time and labor and will not harm the environment. It is the result of introducing ultrasound waves into the water through a series of transducers. This way, by using this device, it offers the following benefits:

  • Improves microscopic hygiene.
  • Save time for the user.
  • It avoids the danger of aspiration and contact, so common in the use of solvents and alkaline detergents.
  • Environmental benefits.

Maintenance of Mining Equipment

The act of mining is a process that requires a lot of computing power, supplying mainly the graphics processing units (GPUs), which are specialized chips designed to quickly process a lot of data.

Previously, for the electronics industry, plates were not cleaned, as they were used for welding and then generally, they were washed in cleaning machines very similar to a household washing machine, but much more sophisticated if left on the plate could harm it, so they had to be removed.

Therefore, with the integration of ultrasonic cleaners, the hygiene processes are less aggressive, less dangerous and more effective, because they have advantages in the quality of cleaning, especially with sensitive or difficult parts.

Also, with the use of ultrasonic cleaners, it offers the decrease in costs, due to savings in cleaning times, in addition to the economy in cleaning products and rationalization of production with the suppression of an insane operation.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Brand Kalstein

At Kalstein, we are manufacturers and we stand out in the market for providing comprehensive solutions in all sectors, and for this we offer you the best advice to make your purchase ideal and at favorable prices. We have for our users the Ultrasonic Cleaner, ideal for the purification of parts, through micro-currents and shock waves that are created when they drive bubbles. In addition, it is suitable for fine cleaning of computers and microelectronic components as well as integrated circuit chips, silicon wafers and wave plates. You can remove dirt from Micron and Submicron without damaging the cleaning parts. Therefore, from the consideration of cleaning effect and economy, the frequency is generally selected in the range of 20-130 kHz. This equipment belongs to the YR series.

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