Applications of Flame Retardant Lockers for Flammable Products

Security Cabinets are units designed to store explosive and dangerous substances, which safely prevent any spill or fire, allowing the management of different categories of products used in the same place. Safeguarding corrosive products in flame retardant cabinets for dangerous products not only provides safety to products, facilities and employees, but also in the spaces and cars adjacent to the company.

All safeguards are insufficient to ensure the protection of dangerous products. And that’s why fireproof security cabinets are meant for this purpose. In addition to offering full protection against fire, this type of cabinets have safety elements to prevent corrosion, door locking systems and folding feet to save alterations of space when transporting.

Security System

Most accidents are inevitable. However, chemical handling companies can reduce risks, and one of the operations to achieve this is to have the safest flammable safety cabinets that meet fire protection requirements, as well as reducing the transport of hazardous materials, where time is gained to initiate evacuation measures in case of fires. The safety operating processes are more efficient due to the short distances between the work stations and the cabinets, providing flexibility in any area.

These cabinets are designed to store flammable substances inside, and offer the following safety systems:

  • Automatic door locking: Doors must close themselves from any position when a temperature of 50°C is reached.
  • Retention source: located on the bottom and allows to save the liquids that have been poured on the shelves.
  • Ventilation: has air inlet and outlet holes. With the doors closed, the hourly air evolution equals 10 times the volume of the security cabinet.

In this sense, both hazardous non-flammable products, flammable products and gas cylinders, must be stored in these units which are appropriate, comply with the relevant regulations governing the storage of these substances. Dangerous gas cylinders and cylinders used in laboratories and enterprises should also be properly guarded.

Functions of Cabinets

A flame retardant cabinet for flammable products is characterized by being made of insulating and non-flammable materials, facilitating the storage of products that are desired to maintain and avoid deterioration. They also offer expansion joints and hermetically insulate the inside of the cabinet, until reaching a temperature above 50ºC. Thus, the interior is protected from fire, and in the case that the fire originates in the same interior, it is suffocated by sealing the cabinet and extinguishing the oxygen.

Generally, each model of fireproof cabinet has a different level of protection, where each shows the acronym RF (Fire Resistance) followed by a number indicating the number of minutes that the interior of the cabinet is capable of not exceeding 180 degrees Kelvin in case of fire. This time can range from 15 to 120 minutes.

Finally, in addition to fire safety, these cabinets allow safe storage against theft of high-value chemicals housed in them.

Security Storage Cabinet Brand Kalstein

At Kalstein, we are manufacturers of flammable safety cabinets and are committed to providing you with the best equipment, with the best technology for our users to operate the best devices internationally. In this case, we bring you the Security Storage Cabinets, corresponding to the YR series, and have a volume of 110 GAL / 416 GAL. The Door Type it is double with manual system. In addition there are varieties of colors, where yellow is for flammable liquids, red for corrosive liquids and blue for combustible liquids. It has double layer and weigh 220kg.

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