Use biomedical specimen cabinets to keep order in your lab

In order to examine the samples in a histology laboratory, you must have all the right equipment. That way you are going to have good and reliable turnouts. The tissue processing technique is one of the most delicate ones. It has several stages in which concentration, knowledge and the right equipment are the perfect mix so that you can have good turnouts. One of the most important instruments in this process are microscopic slides. They are used to hold objects, in this case tissues, under a microscope. The sample is mounted and then inserted in the microscope for viewing. This arrangement method allows the sample to be stored in cabinets.

Storing lab items and tools is a very important thing inside any laboratory. No matter the size your laboratory is, you should have the right storing system in order to achieve the desired results. In smaller labs, the storage strategy becomes in a key factor, because that way you can save a lot of room and keep your samples in a safe place at the same time. If you do not have the right cabinets, you are at risk of losing important lab material, especially if you run a histology research lab or a teaching lab in an institute. As you may know by now, it is fundamental to have the right cabinets that can guarantee you high-end results and quality.

Tissue processing requires skills, knowledge and the best equipment available in order to achieve the desired results. It is fundamental that you manage these characteristics to have a high-end performance and reliable results in your histology lab. The embedding process is a fundamental one. In this stage, you embed the tissue into paraffin wax blocks, making it stable for many years. In order to maintain an organized lab, you must have the best storing devices, such as a useful cabinet that correctly holds your block samples.

Microscope slides are often used together with a cover slip or cover glass, a smaller and thinner sheet of glass that is placed over the specimen. These samples must be stored correctly. Storage is one of the most critical things inside any kind of laboratory. When it comes to slides, the storage process is a big deal too. You must have a slide cabinet that suits your needs.

When it comes to microscopic analysis, you have to prepare correctly the tissues by making very thin and high quality sections. One of the most common strategies to accomplish this is by infiltrating the tissue specimen with paraffin wax, which has the appropriate physical properties so that the sectioning becomes easier and smoother. This means that the use of paraffin wax is very common in histology laboratories. Histology waxes are produced by subjecting paraffin waxes to highly sophisticated refining processes, including unique distillation, crystallization and de-oiling technologies.

It is fundamental that your storage system works correctly and that your lab’s supply is organized, that way your work flow will be very smooth and your work will become a very practical procedure. In addition, you must think about the quality of the cabinets you are purchasing and the material they are made from.

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