Using Medical refrigerator and freezers in your laboratory

The needs of refrigeration can vary from holding a sample for intense study and exams during a period at a steady temperature, or just saving the sample and other important things on a normal but cold temperature. It is easy to buy a regular economic freezer, but the risks and the consequences of doing that are terrible and you might regret them in the near future.

Medical refrigerator and freezers for laboratory

It is definitely better to invest in a quality device that gives you the confidence of storing your products in an appliance designed around your needs.  There is an extremely important thing when it comes to sample and specimen storage; that is having the right refrigerator and freezer. Often, laboratories need to save any kind of samples in low temperatures and that it is only possible with the right device.

If temperature fluctuates, the risk of damaging vaccines, for example, is very high. You need the right laboratory refrigerator and freezer to storage life-saving materials in your laboratory.

Kalstein products offer a wide range of options when it comes to storage in low temperatures. There is a variety of medical refrigerator and freezers for laboratory. You can find different kinds of cooling systems in our catalog.

Structure and design

The medical refrigerator and freezers for laboratory we offer, come with a humanized design that includes a big screen display so that is easy to read. We also offer stainless steel exterior and inside body, interior fluorescent light, safety lock on the door and temperature control. Optional monitoring module and exclusive software to realize remote monitoring.

Control system in laboratory refrigerator and freezer

In most of our refrigerators and freezers, the temperature control option is available. The temperature range can be set freely; there is also an audible and visual alarm system when it comes to high or low temperature, open door, power failure, filter failure, sensor failure and low battery alarm. LCD screens are also one of the features of our laboratory refrigerator and freezers. Auto defrost is another feature in some of the models. Another important spec is the keyboard lock protected configuration page and delayed start and safe stop interval between restart and the end of the cycle.

Refrigeration system

Our refrigerators and freezers work the international famous compressor and Germany EBM fan motor that lowers the noise and reduces the power consumption. In addition, they have forced air circulation system, highly effective condenser and expansive evaporator to provide quick freezing. There is also the option of quick freezing switch to make cooling faster. Some of the models come with double compressor to control each chamber room separately. These freezers and refrigerators also come with unique refrigeration circulation and unipolar compressor oil-lubricated technology. Finally, they have a China patent technology of mixture refrigerant, especially single stage refrigeration design and a VIP board install for good heat preservation. Visit our catalog HERE