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The Oxygen Meters to study the Waters of the Olympic Pools

The oxygen meter is an equipment designed to monitor water quality, it is composed of a verification sensor that records various parameters such as pH, oxidation, salinity, conductivity, oxygen and temperature. Oxygen is one of the most important seats for the variety of life forms and the meter allows it to determine the current concentration of dissolved oxygen in mixtures and devices in water or other solutions.

For the study of the water in the Olympic pools, by using the oxygen meters it is important to take into account parameters contained in the water periodically, and make the necessary adjustments in case of throwing any error, since the water condition easily suffers alterations for environmental reasons, contamination of the filters, etc. It should be noted that this system is the most appropriate way to study to keep the pools clean and transparent.

Importance of Oxygen Meters

The use of oxygen meters is mainly applied in areas where there is presence of low or high oxygen content in the substances. Usually, it is permanently installed to transfer records in an area outside the measuring area, without the presence of people in the area. In the case of swimming pools, to know the amounts of oxygen contained in their waters, you must check not only the level of oxygen, but also the pH, since oxygen is very volatile and you must have control, especially by the extension of the temperature, and thus prevent the waters from turning green.

On the other hand, the oxygen meter offered by Kalstein supplies the data from the meter to the screen that is connected to the controllers of the equipment. The level is restricted to a maximum of 25% oxygen content. At the same time, the equipment alarms are visible and acoustic

Steps to Measure Oxygen in Olympic Pools

Most of the analysis of the purity states of the waters in the Olympic pools, are carried out with the oxygen meters and for this purpose the necessary calibrations must be carried out in a very simple way, to keep the pools in good condition and in a very fast way, in which it must be carried out by specialists periodically.

On the other hand, steps must be taken to make the measurements correctly, including:

  • Take water from the pool and insert the sensor of the meter to add the corresponding reagents, so that it is transformed and takes a special color that allows checking the quality of it.
  • Depending on the result of the values, if applicable, they should be corrected by adding products suitable for treatment.
  • If increased disinfection levels are required, it is advisable to add powdered oxygen to demonstrate water quality.

Thanks to the functions of the oxygen meter, it has favorable advantages, such as:

  • They are easy to use and the records can be seen on the screen.
  • The equipment has two measuring channels.
  • The parameters to be studied can be subject to configurations.
  • It adjusts for different operations, such as day and night.
  • Prevents incorrect results because it has accurate monitoring of variables.
  • It has individual connections for the processing of control signals such as, switches for water measurement, remote stop, monitoring of filling levels.

Dissolved Oxygen Meters Brand Kalstein

At Kalstein, we offer you the best laboratory equipment with the most advanced technology on the market, to satisfy our users and meet their multiple demands. In this case, we bring you the Dissolved Oxygen Meter corresponding to the YR series, designed to perform the salinity and barometric pressure compensations that eliminate measurement errors. In addition, the calibration is 1 0 2 points, using saturated water or zero oxygen solution. Its reading functions are automatic, because they detect and block the measurement end point. Among other features you can see from our catalog HERE

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