The Human Body Has Two Brains

Despite the medical and scientific advances made and discovered in the decades in laboratories and hospitals, until a few days ago it was believed that In the human body there was only one brain with the function of executing each and every one of the functions and movements of the individual. What seemed to be a myth, however, became a reality, after discovering the presence of a second brain, within the same organism.

A group of scientific researchers from Australia, after a series of studies on the gastric side, found that, at the end of the digestive tract there is another “brain” capable of generating and regulating the muscular contractions in order to expel the feces, commanded by a neuronal system, equal to the brain located in the skull.

To be able to reach this conclusion and call it a second brain, the Australians explained that This Nervous system is formed by millions of Neurons, which emit electrical impulses that, for the first time, were observed by means of electrode graphs, in mice used for these tests.

The curious thing of this discovery opens the debate on which of the two brains is really the central/main, since according to the scientists, the neurons of this one, are created first than those of the central nervous system.

The drugs and evolution of diseases associated with the colon will be greatly benefited by what will become deep studies to the new finding of this brain that, may or may not, influence other human processes without having prior knowledge of it, attributing all responsibility to only the one previously known. visit our website HERE