It found a solution to the LEUKAEMIA in male GEN

Acute myelogenous leukaemia is known worldwide as one of the most frequent cancers in adults. It originates from within the bone marrow and is characterized by concentrating on soft tissue, just inside the bones, where blood cells are produced, so it is known as blood cancer.

The evolution of acute leukaemia is fast and aggressive, as the oncologists explain. SIn However, its Treatment control had been ineffective and innovative in recent years. Scientists from the University of Cambridge discovered that the presence of a specifically male gene not only significantly decreases the development of the disease, but also its existence.

A few years ago, we boughtObó That when the UTX of the X chromosome was disintegrating, the human body was more affected by cancer, following the mutations of the chromosome that stopped producing defences. Case contrary to UTY, only present in men, which inhibits acute leukaemia when there is no lack of UTX. I mean: Men are less likely to develop this type of cancer, which, according to NGOs, affects approximately 15 of every million people in Spain.

This discovery opens the field of debate and research between doctors, scientists and researchers, for the creation of new treatments that give a quick and timely response to this type of cancer so particular and specific. The interesting thing is that it would have to go from a non-invasive procedure through chemicals or substances, but from the incorporation of genes between one body and another, or the creation of these from laboratory systems, as has happened in other treatments in Medical.

The solution could have more effect on young patients, even if the percentage of people with Leukemia CsosIla between 64 and 70 Years old. The challenge that this poses to the agencies responsible is to achieve the same effectiveness and reaction to drugs at any age. visit our website HERE