The crispr activates cancer cells

During the year 2013, the invention and discovery of the Crisper (Palindromic Repetitions Grouped short and regularly interspaced) allowed the edition of the DNA, through the programmed cut of sequences within the structure that not only does not work properly but also presents malformations and negative charges. This process is known as the “cut and paste” where the section damaged by an “in perfect condition” is replaced, which would help to slow down the evolution of some diseases, hereditary or not. However, until a few days ago what appeared to be a solution could become a catalyst for future cancer.

Scientists of the Karolinska Institute of Sweden Affirm, after an investigation that, effectively the process of crisper if it fulfils its function to repair through the detected substitution, however, they have the sowing or presence of tumours as a common denominator that would grow up and end up becoming cancers in a period of time.

When performing the cuts with the help of the protein Cas9, is activated automatically (in some cases faster than in others) the gene p53, which fulfills its biochemical function to fully repair the ruptures present in the DNA ( Cuts previously Made by the crisper) Which causes the replaced structures to stop working and lose their job. Even, experts say that those genomes that survive the restructuring made by the p53 are because the same in certain areas and very specific cases, is dysfunctional, so it does not manage to finish the new parts of the DNA.

Cases of dysfunctional p53 are not positive at all, even if this is what allows cell cuts do not fulfil their tasks, it is this same dysfunction that generates in the organisms the activation of cancer cells. This is considered mutations, which are estimated to be They are responsible for a large percentage of activated cancers in the world.

It is hoped that this discovery will enable companies, institutions and organisms related to genetic mutation to take relevant measures, to give a timely response to those who have already gone through this process and to those who hoped to do so, during the Next few weeks. Visit our website HERE