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Sterilization of sesame crops with the gas autoclave

The sesame tree is a plant belonging to the spinach family and is widely cultivated in Latin America. It is characterized by oilseeds of a brown or black color, which are used in the production of oils, pastes and flours. It is also rich in protein, fiber and vitamins, making it a very healthy food.

The sterilization of sesame crops is a very important measure to avoid microbial contamination, and the most commonly used method is with the gas autoclave. This method consists of subjecting the seeds to an atmosphere of water vapor at high pressure, which allows to effectively eliminate all the microorganisms present.

And Kalstein has the right equipment for the sterilization of any seed, because through the heat and pressure that emanates, to ensure the quality and safety of this food. It works by sending a mixture of air and gas through the crops. The gas heats and sterilizes them. This is an effective way as it removes aflatoxin and other contaminants. A gas autoclave can be used to sterilize anything from food to medicine.

Intervention of the Gas Autoclave for sesame crops

While the gas autoclave is the most effective method for sterilizing sesame seeds, there are also other methods, such as sterilization with sulfuric acid or sterilization with ultraviolet light. But to prevent the seeds from deteriorating, it is important to sterilize them before storing them, and it is done in an autoclave. However, it remains the most effective and safe of all methods.

This process kills harmful microorganisms that may be present in the seeds and also helps preserve flavor and aroma. To purify the seeds, place in an airtight container, heat to a temperature of 121 ° C for 30 minutes. Once the process is complete, the seeds are cooled quickly to prevent damage. It is also effective in removing seeds from herbs and weeds that can contaminate the crop. The process depends on the size and amount of seeds. Once the seeds have been sterilized, they should cool quickly to prevent damage.

The Sterilization Processes

Sterile is a method of disinfection widely used in the food industry, and consists of subjecting closed containers to a high temperature and pressure for a certain time. The gas autoclave is a type of autoclave that uses gas as a heater. Its operation is based on the principle that the increase in temperature causes an increase in pressure. Therefore, when the containers are put into the autoclave, the valves are closed so that no air enters, and the temperature and pressure are increased until the desired values are reached.

Once the necessary temperature and pressure are reached, it is maintained for a certain time, depending on the type of product to be sterilized. Finally, let the equipment cool, open the valves and remove the containers. In this way, it is guaranteed that the seeds will retain all their properties for a much longer period of time, which will improve the quality and life of the product.

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