Safety Cabinets for Cytotoxic Laboratory Studies

One of the most important tests in pharmaceutical industry is cytotoxicity test in order to screen compounds. There are a couple of goals researches can achieve, they can either look for cytotoxic compounds, if they are interested in developing a therapy that targets rapidly dividing cancer cells, or they can screen “hits” from initial high-throughput drug screens for unwanted cytotoxic effects before investing in their development as a pharmaceutical.

Cytotoxic Safety Cabinets are meant to perform drug processing in therapeutic solutions. They provide the highest level of patient, pharmacist and environmental protection. Biological containment demands preparing cytotoxic drugs for use in chemotherapy, that is why cytotoxic safety cabinet are much needed. In this matter, you should know that since cytotoxic drugs cannot be inactivated by chemical decontamination, Class II biosafety cabinets should not be used.

Another important thing about these cabinets is that they maintain the highest level of cleanliness within the work zone and that is why they ensure the best possible level of patient safety and product cleanliness. Cytotoxic safety cabinets provide the highest level of operator safety to protect you and your personnel from all of the very hazardous compounds used in cytotoxic drugs.

Biological safety cabinets

A cytotoxic safety cabinet is the product you need when it comes to having toxic to cells cabinets. Immune cells are an example of this case. These cabinets also come in handy to assess cell membrane integrity is one of the most common ways to measure cell viability and cytotoxic effects, making them your ideal solution for preparing cytotoxic drug preparation challenges.

One of the cytotoxic safety cabinets we are offering you will provide you with the following features that makes the use of this model very practical and easy for the operator. First, it comes with a remote control, making all of the operations tremendously easier. Secondly, this device has a large LCD display that makes it easier to monitor all the safety parameters at a glance and the ergonomically sized control panel improves the user’s interface. In addition, this model has high quality stainless steel water and gas taps. Moreover, another important feature these cabinets provide you with is that it has a UV lamp with an emission of 253.7 nanometers for more efficient decontamination. The front window is motorized and it has two layers of laminated toughened glass>5mm, anti UV. The humidity and temperature can display on the control panel. In addition, it has a bag-in-bag out filter with a PCV bag, which ensures the safety of the personnel and the environment, making the replacement process very easy and quick.

As you may know, there are some important things to keep in mind when it comes to handling cytotoxic agents. You need to be very aware with the fact that no person must be involved in the handling, transport, preparation, administration or disposal of waste of any cytotoxic substance, without appropriate training to ensure the protection of the operator, the environment and the patient. This must involve specific training courses as follows with regular update/refresher courses and internal evaluations/reviews of methods and equipment. In addition, it is necessary that your lab’s personnel be highly trained so that they do not expose themselves to any contaminants. You should know that exposure to cytotoxic agents may occur through skin contact, skin absorption, inhalation of aerosols and agent particles, ingestion and needle stick injuries, from the following activities agent preparation, agent administration, handling patient waste, transport and waste disposal or spills.

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