Electrolyte Analyzer YR06391// YR06395

Manufacturer: Kalstein


  • This device features a 7-inch color touch screen that facilitates interaction between the user and the machine, ensuring simple and intuitive operation. In addition, it offers low running costs, allowing a quick return on investment, as consumables are considerably cheaper than imported materials.
  • With the ability to analyze up to six elements and nine parameters in a single sample, it provides a complete analysis in a single step. Automation of reagent use, sample handling and tube status simplify the testing process. In addition, it features power outage protection and can automatically store up to 10,000 test results.
  • Using advanced ion-selective electrode (ISE) technology, it ensures accurate results, with automatic bubble filtration to avoid clogging and automatic correction of potential tracking to maintain instrument stability.
Technical specifications
Model YR06391 YR06392 YR06393 YR06394 YR06395
Analysis method Ion selecive electrode(ISE)
Sample type Serum, plasma, whole blood and dilute urine
Measurement item K、Na、Cl、Ca、pH、Li、Mg
Measuring speed ≤40s
Test Parameters Na, K, Cl Na, K, Cl, Ca, pH Na, K, Li Na, K, Cl, Li Na, K, Cl, Ca, pH, Li
Model Description
YRA264 K Electrode
YRA265 K Electrode
YRA266 Cl Electrode
YRA267 Ca Electrode
YRA268 pH Electrode
YRA269 Li Electrode
YRA270 Mg Electrode
YRA271 Ref. Electrode
YRA272 Reagent Pack
Calibration A 430ml;
Calibration B 110ml;
( For Model H900
YRA273 Reference Electrode
Solution – 10ml
YRA274 Electrode Internal

Solution – 3ml

YRA275 Activating Solution – 110ml
YRA276 QC Solution Level 2

(Water-based) – 110ml

YRA277 Cleaning Solution – 110ml
YRA278 Electrode Wash
(Protein Enzyme) -125mg
(25mg/bottle x5)
YRA278-1 Electrode Wash
(Diluent) – 5ml ( 1


Additional information

Dimensions 50 × 40 × 69 cm

YR06391, YR06392, YR06393, YR06394, YR06395

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