Me-Tro: The Glue That Will Replace The Surgical Sutures

The healing processes of a surgical wound are performed by sutures that allow closing the wound from its surface, either internally or externally, but since the team of biomechanical engineers of the University of Sydney in Australia was created, the creations of a glue able to seal in just 60 years or more of wound type, while, in the traditional way, depending on the severity, the lasting time and even weeks to complete this process.

Meter is composed of an elastic hybrid protein represented as a gel that, when placed in a wound, stimulates its regeneration until it is completely healed. The application is by means of an injection, and to be able to activate its effect, you need an ultraviolet light that achieves its “drying” while the glue, completely acquired the shape of the wound and its tissues, to seal it with precision.

The properties and compounds with which Metro is built would allow that there is no limit to the natural expansion of the body’s tissues, as always emerges from the surgical intervention where the aboriginal areas such as the lungs and arteries. Meter is elastic and adapts to any physiognomic situation.

A difference from other scientific inventors, this glue has been banned in certain animals such as pigs. However, human tests are already underway and significant results have been obtained, so that the end of staples and surgical points can be assured, which not only offered a slow but also generated more at the same time, the degrees of immobility, when and when the intervention was not carried out exactly.

The technology with which Metropolis was designed and planned means that once all the tissues damaged by the wound have been regenerated, the sea glue absorbed by the organism without any complication, until it is completely degraded, without even leaving a trace.

The conservation of the product does not require more effort than the constant refrigeration in equipment with absolute sterilization, which does not allow the entry of any type of bacteria into the environment, which not only changes the molecular structure of the glue but may also pose a high risk of health for the affected. European countries and Asia are waiting for the next arrival of Me-tro to start evaluating and using resources in health centers. Visit our website HERE