Functional cure for HIV created

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in the world more than 34 Millions of people have contracted HIV (immune deficiency Virus acquired) in recent years. However, it has not been able to be found its cure up to now. Retrovirals have allowed the infected to keep the virus “controlled” in their organism, that is, they significantly reduce its impact, allowing the defences and antibodies to stay in operation, and avoid “the AIDS phase” that exposes the patient on the verge of death.

In the face of the imperative need and demand for a prompt and timely cure, scientific researchers staff members of the University of Hong Kong (China), claim to have found a functional cure for HIV. Functional cures are those that work like retrovirals, maintaining the virus levels as low as possible but which, in this case, would not be supplied so continuously, and its components would achieve such a low presence of the virus in the blood that might not even be detected by some tests, as if it had been eliminated and its rate of transmission had descended considerably. It is important to clarify that once HIV has been acquired HIV yet and if this functional cure progresses with optimal results, the virus would never be completely eliminated

As is the case in most pharmacological tests, it has only been tested in mice with HIV, where the antibody was able to eliminate an important number of infected cells, while weakening or stopped the progress of the other. This would significantly reduce external health conditions such as joint and muscular weakness, by having the structures of weakened defences.

It is expected that functional HIV cure can be tested in humans approximately three to four years (2022) a margin of time that would allow Chinese scientists to experiment with other pharmacological structures and try the unimaginable: eliminate HIV completely. Another important contribution that this discovery would offer, is its use as a kind of vaccine that facilitates the defence and prevention of the body by being in contact with the virus. Scientists in the world continue to pressure government agencies to accelerate not only the financing of such experiments that would benefit humanity but also the massive manufacture and distribution in health centres and pharmacies. Visit our website HERE