Choose the best sphygmomanometer

The sphygmomanometer is also known as a tensiometer, is a tension meter and is used to indirectly measure blood pressure. It regularly provides measurements in millimeters of mercury and the origin of the word comes from the Greek sphygmós which means pulse and mannos which means rare.

The parts that make up this apparatus for measuring tension are the following: an inflatable bracelet, a pressure gauge and a stethoscope to clearly adjust the range of sounds. Taking blood pressure is one of the techniques they perform most throughout a person’s life. It is also considered one of the primary care techniques that should be performed as they tell the doctor information about a person’s survival.

The first doctor in history to perform measurements with a sphygmomanometer was Stephen Hales in the mid-19th century.

There are different types of sphygmomanometers and the measurement systems they use are different. Based on this we can distinguish up to three types of them:

Mercury sphygmomanometer

It consists of a bucket that has mercury inside, is connected to a vertical glass with an open end. Inside the tube there is a scale that reaches from 0 to 300 mm / Hg and is connected by the tube to the inflator mechanism. This mechanism contains a pear and a valve that regulates the air. When using this device, it must be hung in an upright position or, better still, hung on a wall.

This sphygmomanometer is considered the one that has the greatest precision without having to be calibrating it.

Aneroid sphygmomanometer

It is a spring mechanism that moves by means of certain pressures and in this way, moves the needle in a sphere graduated in mm / Hg. Although they are calibrated when they leave the factory, they are sensitive to temperature and humidity. So they regularly have to be calibrated every 6 months for proper operation. Most of this type of sphygmomanometer requires the use of a stethoscope to operate correctly.

Oscillometric sphygmomanometer

It is also considered a digital sphygmomanometer, it is based on the analysis of the pulse wave. Many of the devices that carry this meter are usually very sophisticated and programmable. Also as an added function they have an automatic cuff inflator and some have even been developed to connect them to the PC. for the simplest and cheapest models are manual inflator. The reliability of these devices has been established by different international means, so they are highly recommended even for home use.

Maintenance of a sphygmomanometer

The sphygmomanometer is one of the medical instruments that we can reuse the most throughout its useful life. Among its components, the sleeve is the one that is most quickly contaminated as it has direct contact with the patient’s skin. So in order not to cause any infection with the following users, proper disinfection and maintenance must be carried out.

What blood pressure monitor should I buy?

To succeed when buying a tensiometer that is available, it is necessary to keep in mind certain indications:

Buy a digital blood pressure monitor: they are the easiest to use blood pressure monitors and in turn are the most suitable for comfortable use at home. Normally its use consists of placing the bracelet on the arm, pressing the start button and then the device will carry out the whole process.

Arm or Wrist ?: Although both have become popular lately, if you want to have super precise measurements it is better to use a cuff tensiometer. It is a bit more expensive, but you always understand the difference in price.

Timely controls: always use equipment that is certified, you must make sure of this. Every day thousands of products come to market that are mere imitations and sell them as originals. Be very attentive to it.

Purchase at secure sites: you must buy it at sites such as health centers or pharmacies.

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