Importance of cleaning electronics with ultrasonic system

The electronics sector represents one of the areas with the greatest technological advancement. Almost all of the equipment that supports work in laboratories, hospitals, factories, industries, institutions, and even, at home, uses electronic components and controls. This equipment has something in common, its continuous and repeated use, so if it does not have proper maintenance, the useful life of the equipment can be compromised.

Ultrasonic cleaners and veterinary medicine

In the practice of veterinary medicine, various medical procedures are performed, both in the field and in offices. These routines include scheduled and emergency consultations, laboratory diagnoses, ambulatory surgeries and others requiring hospitalization, among others.

Use of Ultrasonic Cleaner for Mining Equipment Maintenance

The Ultrasonic Cleaner is a device designed to clean all types of parts and amplifies their productive content, without damaging or leaving traces of dirt in any of the possible cavities. This means of cleaning, acts by longitudinal frequencies produced in the liquid in which the pieces are immersed.