Importance of Safety Cabinets for the Storage of Water Pollutants

For safety at work, it is mandatory to take the necessary protective measures to ensure the health of employees at work, in which the validity of such measures must be demonstrated, and if necessary, adjust them to changing situations. In addition, efforts should be made to improve safety and environmental protection. The use of chemical storage safety cabinets is very useful for this purpose.

Applications of Flame Retardant Lockers for Flammable Products

Security Cabinets are units designed to store explosive and dangerous substances, which safely prevent any spill or fire, allowing the management of different categories of products used in the same place. Safeguarding corrosive products in flame retardant cabinets for dangerous products not only provides safety to products, facilities and employees, but also in the spaces and cars adjacent to the company.

Functions of Security Storage Cabinets for Cytotoxic Products

In all workspaces where substances such as cytotoxics and drugs are handled and stored, it is important to have good safety furniture that protects you at all times. Storage cabinets make sure to protect the contents of them from any danger or accident, since working with liquids and delicate substances, is even more so.

How does a laminar flow hood work?

Laminar flow hoods are highly specialized equipment that allows obtaining a sterile and safe area for any need that is required within a laboratory. They can be: Horizontal and Vertical. Basically it constitutes a space, which, by means of a specific treatment of the air, allows to work in an area with a strict control of non-road particles. This type of equipment is used for certain processes where it is necessary to extreme the control of contamination.