Benefits of the Fluorometer

Measurement of fluorescence intensity, spectrum, lifetime, and polarization can determine the presence of fluorophores and their concentrations. The equipment used is called fluorometer, it is an analytical instrument designed for the determination of the concentration of fluorescent compounds.

Importance of the Fluorometer

The fluorometer is an analytical device designed to determine the species and the concentration of fluorescent compounds, allowing the performance of complete photophysical studies. Its reliability, the meticulousness of the operational control, which is sensitive, specific for biological and chemical species, the simplicity of its configuration and its low operating costs, are characteristics that distinguish it from other analysis techniques.

Fluorometer for a laboratory: How it works?

This equipment has as functionality measure the absorbance of all the ingredients in the sample at 260nm, but to be precise the KALSTEIN YR412-A equipment can measure the fluorescence intensity of the fluorescent reagent, which is combined with the target molecule to read the concentration of the sample. In general, the reading is lower than that of the Nano series products, but it is much more accurate, to consult the features and description of our team go HERE.

Fluorometer, How does it work?

A fluorometer is a specialized optical equipment, used in laboratories to measure the fluorescent property or capacity of some biological and mineral samples. These devices are capable of measuring the intensity of the emitted fluorescence and the distribution of the wavelength of the emission spectrum after excitation of a given light spectrum. These parameters are used to determine the presence and quantity of specific molecules in a medium.

Fluorometer vs. Spectrophotometer

A fluorometer is a piece of equipment that allows the analysis, identification and quantification of chemical substances with molecules capable of presenting fluorescence, using the technique of fluorescence spectrophotometry or fluorometry. We can say that this equipment is a special optical device used in laboratories, capable of measuring the fluorescent quality of biological or mineral samples.

Discover how a fluorometer works?

We can say that a Fluorometer is a special optical device commonly used in laboratory environments, which is capable of measuring the fluorescent quality of biological or mineral samples. Fluorescence occurs when a substance emits visible light and appears to glow after it has been exposed to some type of radiation, either alone or high-energy radiation such as x-rays of visible light.