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Fluorometer for a laboratory: How it works? - Kalstein EU

Fluorometer for a laboratory: How it works?

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This equipment has as functionality measure the absorbance of all the ingredients in the sample at 260nm, but to be precise the KALSTEIN YR412-A equipment can measure the fluorescence intensity of the fluorescent reagent, which is combined with the target molecule to read the concentration of the sample. In general, the reading is lower than that of the Nano series products, but it is much more accurate, to consult the features and description of our team go HERE.

To refer not only to how any fluorometer works, but to our advanced technology equipment, it can measure 0.5 pg/ul to measure DNA concentration. It is important and necessary for most applications to read the lowest and most accurate concentration of the sample. With the YR412-A fluorometer with quantization kit, you can measure sample concentration quickly, sensitively and accurately.

How a fluorometer works

This equipment is capable of performing two measurement modes: Fluorescence and absorbance; the principle of operation of the instrument is based on the measurement of light signals by two fluorescence channels for nucleic acid, quantification of proteins in a single detection. The light signal that affects the detectors is converted by high gain amplifiers to voltage signals that are digitized and stored in memories for further processing.

In the fluorescence measurement, a fluorescent lamp emits ultraviolet light (365nm) that affects the sample and excites it. The resulting signal is picked up by the detectors. The fluorescence measurement uses internal patterns to consider the 0.0 and 100.0 references in the strip set reading. The value 0.0 refers to the fluorescence of 10 L of water and the value 100.0 refers to the fluorescence of 10 L of a dilution of 1:10 of 4-methylumbeliferone concentration 4.7×10-5 M. this equipment can store at most 1,000 data and output data per USB port.

Procedure for use

To obtain precise and accurate coefficients we must be sure of a correct calibration of the equipment, this must be done to the equipment during the ignition process; this will prevent the apparatus from suffering any rupture, and if only the prepared technical equipment or qualified technical advisors will be able to recalibrate, in this case we as Company Manufacturer of Laboratory Equipment offer not only high level equipment but technical consultancies with qualified personnel, you can consult in the following link HERE also find a range of products at the best price of the market with great demands internationally.

However, in the case of absorbance measurement it works as follows: a halogen lamp emits light that enters an interference filter whose wavelength selected by the operator, the light coming from the filter passes through the sample reaching the detectors with an intensity proportional to the concentration of the colored substance present in the reading well; this light passes through the well vertically, so the volume of liquid present influences the absorbance value.ย 

Recommendations and precautions for use

  • The equipment must be located on a table with free access from the front, left side and top.
  • The equipment requires a power outlet that has a mass connection. Make sure the voltage on the line is as required.
  • The place must have good air circulation.
  • Connect the power cord to the computer’s input and AC power network.
  • For fluorescence reading, the secondary fluorescence filter should be placed.
  • For absorbance measurement, the secondary fluorescence filter should be removed and the appropriate interference filter placed.ย 

Do not hesitate to visit our links and enjoy the catalog of high quality equipment and the best price you will find in the market, in addition to being manufacturers of high level, with great demand buy-sale worldwide, in KALSTEIN we offer you the best specialists to provide you the necessary advice, we offer you great advantages of guarantee and commitment, ensuring a team with superior technology and high performance.