How Many Types Of Climate Cameras Are There?

The climatic chamber is a unit capable of constructing stable situations of temperature and relative humidity, to provide controlled climatic states, in order to have a reliable measurement model in the measuring instrument. It is built around a hermetic structure, capable of providing pressures between inside and outside, its main components being an access door, means for humidifying and conditioning the air inside the chamber, sensors and temperature controllers.

What are Chambers of Culture?

The chambers of cultures, are peculiar units, capable for the growth of vegetables, plants, seeds, small living organisms such as insects, bacterial cultures, food, tests of product quality and other uses of experiments of light and constant temperature, allowing from the inside, adjust measures of climate and humidity. However, in addition to standard climate cameras, crop chambers are equipped with a lighting system that simulates the effect of sun exposure.

What is a pharmaceutical stability chamber?

A pharmaceutical stability chamber is a laboratory instrument that allows to carry out the so-called stability tests of drugs or medications, these equipment allow to control, monitor and document parameters such as temperature, humidity, differential pressure, lighting, gas levels and other environmental conditions.