Why is a Muffle important in a Chemistry Laboratory?

There are several wonderful instruments and equipment, such as the studies that are carried out in them. There is every prototype and with many benefits, which are used according to the needs. One of the areas in which chemistry laboratory equipment is mostly used is sterilization. 

According to this, the muffles are heating units capable of achieving parameters above 200 ° C, suitable for disinfection by heat, carbonization or drying of sample precipitates. In addition, they are used to dissolve metals and cook ceramic materials. Generally, it is a kind of refractory chamber, made of insulating and thermal materials.

It is worth mentioning that by using this equipment in chemistry laboratories, it would imply a greater risk to the safety of the one who is treating the sample. Therefore, protective measures must be enforced and the risk to the operator reduced without compromising its efficiency or operation.

Functions of Mufflas in Chemistry Laboratories

 The specific destination of the chemistry laboratory muffle is to reach high temperatures, which are used in different ways, both in observation processes, as well as in heat treatments and foundries. Some tests include the following:

  • Tests that include calcination.
  • Incineration of both inorganic and organic samples.
  • Ceramic firing.
  • Sterilization of glass or ceramic materials.

The chemistry laboratory furnace is applied at an extensive level of studies in industries as varied as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, in which they require the processes of baking, curing, annealing and drying of materials of varied chemical and physical compositions.

In the same way, muffles are equipment used to incubate microbial samples, such as fungus, yeasts, cell cultures, where they provide the ideal conditions for their growth. In addition, they are able to sterilize and dry glass or metal containers that are used in chemistry laboratory work.

It is recommended that when using this equipment inside the chemistry laboratories, the operator complies with the appropriate clothing, such as gloves and apron, and comply with safety protocols.

Characteristics of the Mufflas

 The muffles are made of fiberglass-reinforced phenylene polysulfide (PPS), and are easily adjusted by using stainless steel screws and nuts. They are used to reach temperatures higher than 350 ° C, where only special materials can be implanted, such as a high quality porcelain, quartz or stainless crucible, to withstand high temperatures, because the oven can reach 1800 ° C.

In this sense, it has certain characteristics, such as: 

  • Internal Chamber: built in aluminum and silica to withstand high temperatures.
  • Heating elements: distributes the temperature evenly. Thermocouple: Sensor that indicates the temperature at which the camera is located.
  • Timer: scheduled working time.
  • Temperature control: it has analog controls and has a wider margin of error.
  • Security key: allows to keep the door closed and cuts off the power supply so that the temperature decreases.

In order for the useful life of the chemistry laboratory muffle to be as much as possible, the necessary external maintenance must be carried out periodically with non-abrasive solution, as well as calibrating once a year to correct gaps.

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