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What is a plant growth chamber?

The plant growth chamber is a technological and innovative team, able to produce within it the simulation of a climate environment for the cultivation of seeds, tissues and other biological materials, providing natural factors such as sunlight, temperature and humidity. In addition, through monitoring, it allows monitoring of evolution and storage, allowing researchers to establish long-term tests. 

It should be noted that researchers can manipulate climate factors spontaneously, through controllers that allow them to evaluate the behavior of materials, and must take into account important aspects of infrastructure and equipment, to be able to model in the most accurate way conditions of cultivation of any plant species.

Characteristic of the Plant Growth Chamber

Plant growth chambers are practically hermetic units, made with materials of good thermal insulation capacity, and with some kind of sanitary coating, to avoid contamination. In addition, they have a mechanism capable of controlling light intensity, temperature and humidity for programmable periods.

Thanks to the use of plant growth chambers, studies can be carried out to verify the durability, behavior and quality in the creation of plant products, under controlled climatic conditions.

Its importance lies in the methods of elaboration, investigation and standardization of samples, for quality records of growth studies, under controlled conditions and in diverse impulses, both in basic science and applied. 

Finally, the mechanism is based on the effective combination of components and systems in the plant growth chamber, conjugated through perfectly adjusted air conditioning and cooling methods, offering uniform air circulation and guaranteeing the samples in extreme situations.

Important Components of the Plant Growth Chamber

A plant growth chamber, is composed of mechanisms that must be adapted to create conditions according to the preservation of the material, including this one:

    • Air conditioning and cooling systems: offer uniform circulation and air for the preservation of plant material, with a compressor cooling system that guarantees samples under climatic conditions.
  • The steam humidifier: through the water supply, it allows moisture control without deviations, ensuring fast reaction time, accurate measurement values, short recovery times after opening the door for compliant results.
  • Adjustable System: through the man-machine interface, the operator can always see the measurement values and manage the plant growth chamber constantly, thus ensuring maximum process safety.

In this way, the conditions defined for the stability control of different materials are met. 

On the other hand, the effectiveness of plant growth chambers is due to proper handling and maintenance, so it is advisable, calibration, as it is the only way to maintain its accuracy and enjoy the best performance and eliminates the risk and potential damage that could result from incorrect measurements.

Constant Climate Chamber Kalstein brand

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