What is a Moisture Analyzer?

The moisture analyzer is a device used to calculate the moisture content of virtually any substance. It performs, by analyzing the weight of the sample, heating it by means of halogen desiccator units. These units are reflected through the equipment, through percentages of moisture content, solid, weight and tolerance. 

In general, the moisture content is determined by a thermogravimetric method, that is, loss by drying, by means of which the sample is heated and the weight loss is recorded, due to the evaporation of moisture. In this sense, the speed of desiccation is especially important, since it adapts to the needs of quality control and production. And thanks to the activity offered by the moisture analyzer, the determination of the samples to be studied is successfully obtained.

Development of Moisture Analyzer Methods

The analysis of humidity must be carried out reliably and quickly, so that any process is not interrupted. That is why the fastest way is, through thermogravimetric methods, in which the sample is weighed and heated with an infrared radiator (halogen lamp). Weight loss is then tracked continuously, and drying is met when a defined criterion is reached. The moisture content is automatically calculated from the weight difference.

By means of the appropriate method, it is possible to achieve repeatable results, which can be contrasted with the reference procedure. For this scope, the characteristics of the sample and the appropriate parameters must be taken into account, where the temperature, the shutdown criterion and the preparation of the sample influence. 

Therefore, the correct preparation of the samples after obtaining them is essential to achieve reliable results, in which it must be carried out as follows:

  • Uniform granulation (particle size) must be ensured.
  • Increase the surface area of the sample by breaking it down, if necessary. In this way, a better and faster release of moisture during drying (faster diffusion of moisture on the surface) is guaranteed.
  • Do not heat the sample to prevent moisture loss during preparation.

Accordingly, in order for the substances to achieve their maximum point of study, the measurements must be carried out, in order to handle the samples.

 Recommendations in the use of the Moisture Analyzer

The accuracy of the result of a moisture analysis can depend on several factors. Most importantly, the variability of the heating temperature, followed by the weighing performance, which are necessary to ensure a reliable determination of the moisture content, and a correct operation of the instrument.

Therefore, for maximum efficiency in the use of equipment, it is recommended: 

  • Avoid heat buildup and excessive heating, leaving enough free space around about 1 m of free space above the equipment.
  • Avoid placing flammable materials on, under or next to the equipment as heat will be produced in the analyzer area.
  • Be cautious when you want to remove the samples, as the units of the sample chamber and the desiccator unit may still be hot.
  • Do not open the drying unit while it is operating, as the circular heating element or its protective glass can reach 400ºC. It is recommended to turn off the unit and disconnect the computer until you expect it to have cooled completely.

In compliance with the aforementioned recommendations, the location of the equipment must be guaranteed, so that it operates properly, since the humidity measurements are based on a high-precision weighing procedure, accuracy and repeatability.

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