What is a drug chamber?

The conservation of drugs requires special conditions to protect the quality of them, they need to be in cool places, without direct sunlight and at optimal temperature, not higher than 30 ° C, and there are others, according to their physical and chemical components, that require particular conditions. 

In this way, the drug evaluation chamber is a team that complies with controlled climatic conditions, to ensure the safety, efficacy and quality of medicines, through constant refrigeration mechanisms, which provide the necessary climatic conditions. 

In this sense, one of the particularly important processes is conservation methods, which require maximum attention to preserve medicines, since their production and until their application, must maintain their capacity to provoke an adequate response.

Camera Functions 

Within the evaluation chambers, optimum storage areas should be established for the different drugs, i.e. those with less resistance to high temperatures, in the colder areas, reserving the less cold areas, for the more thermostable, so that they can be consulted easily. Therefore, place drugs in trays at the top, live and subsequent trays, inactivated trays, toxoids, etc.

Similarly, the chamber must have a thermometer, which allows to verify that the temperature is maintained between +2 ° C and +8 ° C, taking into account that in these equipment the lowest temperature is applied in the morning, since during the night the chamber is kept closed, and in the afternoon is higher, by continuous use of it. 

On the other hand, temperature indicators must be accompanied by clear instructions about their use and criteria for interpreting the results. Temperature indicators include the following: 

  • Cold indicators: They are irreversible. They manifest whether drugs have been exposed to excessively low temperatures.
  • Maximum temperature indicators: These are those drugs identified for the exposure of the desired temperature. Usually, they are adhesive labels, which, fixed on the product, reveal its exposure to a certain temperature.
  • Time or temperature indicators: Allows a record of the exposure of the product to certain temperatures for a certain time. 
  • Indicators for cold accumulators: These are changeable temperature indicators, intended to avoid freezing due to contact with the accumulator. 

General Considerations 

When storing drugs inside assessment chambers, manufacturers’ standards for storage temperatures should be considered, and sometimes a query about the temperature range in which a drug should be stored should be made. 

In this respect, it is between +15ºC and +25ºC, occasionally allowing temperatures up to +30ºC, taking into account the desirable conditions of conservation and seasonal climatic conditions of the country itself.

On the other hand, it is advisable that the chamber is located about 15 cm away from the wall, to allow the heat to disperse, and installed on a properly level base. Also, it is advisable not to place any weight on the door of the camera, or on the lower shelves, to avoid the mismatch of the closure. 

Kalstein brand Drug Evaluation Chamber

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