What are the characteristics of a real-time thermocycler?

A Thermocycler is a equipment used for studies of Molecular Biology, which detects fluorescence in different absorption channels, with methods of temperature cycles necessary for the amplification of various DNA strands, in the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technique, so that the physicochemical qualities of nucleic acids and enzymes are exploited.

This real-time study has been widely used in various fields, such as scientific research, discovery, clinical diagnosis, quality testing, safety, forensic applications and is currently used for detection of the coronavirus virus.

Thermocycler Features

By sequential automation of temperature cycles, to carry out the study of PCR in real time, must be developed by characteristic procedures, which allow obtaining millions of copies of a certain DNA fragment. The PCR process consists of a succession of about 20-30 cycles, after each of which the new DNA copies multiply exponentially.

Each cycle is subdivided into 3 phases at different temperatures.

  • Denaturation: separation of the 2 DNA strands by subjecting the sample to temperatures of about 95°C and thus each strand is exposed for the binding of primers and DNA polymerase.
  • Hybridization of the primers: each of the primers shall be attached to its complementary sequence, acting as boundaries of the region of DNA to be multiplied. To do this, the temperature should drop to about 50-60ºC depending on the composition of these primers.
  • Extension: the DNA polymerase begins to synthesize the new DNA strand taking each of the primers as a starting point. The optimal extension temperature depends on the polymerase used and normally ranges between 75-80ºC.

In this sense, the characteristics affirm a greater precision and reproducibility of the analyzes, which are functional at a temperature of 105ºC to avoid water condensation in the caps of the reaction pipes, which could produce a concentration of solutes modifying the optimal conditions for the reaction to take place.

Real-time Thermocycler functions

Basically, the team offers multiple benefits when conducting research, which has to do with studying the temperature cycles; which allow amplifying DNA strands applying the PCR method, through a polymerase chain reaction; which can synthesize new DNA chains incorporating nucleotides.

In this way, the Thermocycler offers multiple benefits when conducting research, such as:

  • Determines which inherited diseases are directly linked to DNA.
  • It supports phylogenetic analysis of animals, plants, among others.
  • In forensic science, it retrieves minimal DNA samples and establishes kinship relationships.

Its operation is based on the constant temperature distribution in adjustable time lapses. Generally, they are handled at temperatures between 4 and 90 ° C; so that the DNA loses its natural properties, and thus be able to separate the strands necessary for the study.

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