What are the benefits of wrist bands in carpal tunnel syndrome?

A wristband is an accessory that becomes quite common in rehabilitation processes for injuries that usually affect the wrist. The idea is that it appears as a small support with which we can adjust our bones and ligaments preventing us from suffering pain when moving it from one side to another or performing the usual shaking by hand

The median nerve is a nerve in the wrist that allows sensitivity and movement to parts of the hand. It crosses the carpal tunnel, a tunnel that is usually wide. But the repetitive movements we make, an inflammation, fractures, obesity or arthritis can pinch the nerve and cause pain in the carpal tunnel, numbness, tingling or weakness. This is called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes numbness, pain and weakness in the hand. There are various symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Knowing them will help you act faster and combat the effects:

• Clumsiness when grabbing objects.

• Numbness or tingling in the fingers or palm of the hand. In advanced cases, the thumb, index and middle fingers fall asleep when talking on the phone, driving or when adopting wrist flexion positions.

• Sensation of cramps in the hand, wrist and forearm.

• Pain in the hand or wrist that extends to the elbow. Sometimes that pain makes you wake up at night

• Weakness and loss of strength in the hands.

In the treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome the degree of the ailment will influence. In mild cases, conservative treatment is usually chosen. This consists of anti-inflammatories, the use of wristbands to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and occupational rehabilitation, especially in more chronic cases, to restore impaired functions in order to offer greater autonomy and quality of life to the patient.

How do wrist bands help in carpal tunnel syndrome?

The use of wristbands helps to have a good evolution in this pathology, since they prevent palmar flexion. That will cause a relaxation of the median nerve and therefore a decompression of the carpal tunnel. There are several types of wrist bands that help in the treatment and to relieve the pain of the carpal tunnel:

Wrist strap with rigid palmar and thumb splint. This wristband stands out for its comfort, its adaptability and its ease of placement. It offers support and stabilization of the joint, limitation of palmar and dorsal flexion and functional immobilization of the wrist and the base of the thumb while allowing free movement of the remaining fingers.

Short open elastic wristband with splint. It is a wrist strap with splint of soft, adjustable elastic material with velcro fasteners. It is made with tissue with massage effect that improves blood circulation. In addition the tissue is antibacterial. It offers support, immobilization and stabilization.

Wrist immobilization splint. Its function is to achieve a limitation of the most complete possible mobility of the wrist, keeping it in a position of 35-40º and 20º of extension, slight cubital deviation of 10º, allowing the metocarpophalangeal mobility of all the fingers. It is indicated to relieve pain, and to stabilize the wrist. Given its characteristics it allows small adjustments and adaptations.

Wrap around wristband with palmar splint. Wristband made of elastic and breathable bilayer material. It has compressive properties that offer a better anatomical fit. Its enveloping design incorporates a malleable and removable palmar splint in aluminum and with hemispherical support that limits the angle of palmar / dorsal flexion of the wrist. It provides a functional immobilization of the wrist while allowing total freedom of the fingers.

If conservative treatment does not work, surgery must be used to release the nerve. Therefore it is important to act on time. And although preventing its appearance is difficult, there are some tips to relieve tension in the hands and wrists. How to relax the grip, take frequent breaks and take care of the postures.

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