Vaccine Against Breast Cancer Every Day

Breast cancer is the cause of the highest number of deaths in women worldwide, so they need to resort to chemo and radiotherapy as the only alternative to regulate, and in the best of cases, eliminate cancer cells present in the body. However, this type of procedure has a disturbing characteristic, its invasive nature that not only generates some discomforts in the human body, but also ends with those non-cancerous cells. Given this fact, the Venezuelan doctor Jacinto Convit in 2002, began his first cancer research, then in 2006, he presented before the Venezuelan Medical Gazette, what could become the vaccine for breast cancer.

After the creation of the Jacinto Convit Foundation and an exhaustive review of the experimental proposals and studies already carried out, a pilot project was created to verify how successful the breast cancer vaccine could be during a period of analysis between 2015 -2017 to be, finally published this year.

The results were as positive as encouraging, the immunotherapy applied to mice showed that there is a great weakness in those tumor cells alone, so the tumor elimination increases in the immune cells, while they are in the process of avoiding the consequences of the radio or chemotherapy. It was shown that these cells do have immune memory, which would make the vaccine avoid any type of metastasis in another part of the body, while the tumor is reducing its size, and in the best of cases, is eliminated in its entirety, thanks to the powerful activation of the immune system.

The research revealed that, in order to achieve the results already mentioned, it is essential to combine immunotherapy with immunomodulators that help improve the results, protecting healthy cells while the malignant tumor is progressively eliminated.

After its publication, the news has created strong doubts about how expensive this vaccine against breast cancer will be, however, members of the foundation affirmed that its easy preparation and the low cost involved in its production would mean an easily accessible vaccine. Economic for most societies and governments of the world.

It is expected that clinical trials will be carried out this year, to be implemented in real patients, as soon as possible. This discovery is one of the most significant medical and scientific advances in recent years, and a pride for the Latin American country that, despite its current precarious medical and humanitarian situation, continues to advance and contribute to the public health of the world. visit our website HERE